~~~The Conversation~~~




It’s a quiet winter evening.  He added a couple of logs to the sputtering embers in the fireplace and returned to the sofa.  He closes his eyes and listens…..
Her:  The shadows of a song play softly in my heart, and in the sunset that is in my soul.  It sings in the bright golden dreams and in my mind  gently whispers you name.
Him: What are your dreams of gold…, and what is the song that sings in your heart?  Please tell me.
Her:  The dream is our love, lasting forever and ever.  The song is the untiring melody of that love, playing over and over and over.  The melody is unending and beautiful, sounding fresh, and wonderfully new each time I hear it.
Him:  Sweet darlin’ girl, my heart rises to touch your soul, reaching to find and hold that dream that is ours and know the gentle peace of your love…
The fire dies and the house grows cold.  He sits alone now, thinking of all of the joy, the happiness, and the dreams of love they shared.  He talks to himself…, to no one in the house. Time was too short my love…, a hundred years, a thousand, would have been too short.  The gold has turned to silver, turned to dust”.  He closes his eyes, head settles on his chest, and he dreams.


Her: I’m here with you, sweetness, as I promised I would always be, in your heart and in your soul.
Him:  I feel your touch in the night when I sleep.  I hear your song of love each morning when I wake.  It is your light that keeps me moving forward to finish living the plans that we made.
Her:  Darling, take my hand.  It’s time to come home.  This dream is ended and it’s time to continue our journey.
He rose from the tired body that was his and took her into his arms.  They kissed, then turned and drifted into the ethereal air.
Friends found it the next day, the worn, tired body of an old man, smiling…..

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