~ Conquering Finn McCool ~   4 comments


‘Tis but just a wee Irish ditty that came wanderin’ into me mind this day

and I thought I’d share to you just to see what you might say.

Now mind it be me own ideas you see in every thought and way

And now me mind’s run out o’ rhyme an’ I don’t know what to say !!!


Capture 1



Now in the land of Ireland lives a beautiful irish girl

Who lives to test the mind and will of every irish boy

To smile and flirt with them she world dance and whirL

To see all their frustrations. then with their minds she toys.


The one fine day, into her life, walked a boy named Finn McCool

Strong and straight, wise and bold, he was nobody’s fool.

She dazzled Finn with her bright green eyes, and favored him a smile

But fooled him not, this irish nymph, with her Hibernian guile.


With a mighty huff, he called her bluff and asked from her a kiss.

Naught could she say, nor could she do, her thoughts were all amiss.

In compromise Finn winked his eye and offered her a dance.

She bowed her head, then on his cheek, she bestowed on him a kiss.

Now mighty Finn stood to in awe, to be bested by this lass.

He’d, fearless, stood in time of war and the terrors of the land

And no one had so boldly faced him down

As when she offered him her hand.


They danced across the Emerald Isle, this irish lass and he.

Ere finally he learned her name and that was Aoife

And they lived to love a mighty love

In their kingdom by the sea,

The Mighty Finn and this Irish lass

by the name of Aoife.







~ Early Gems ~   2 comments




On a cloudy Thursday, with temps hovering around 27, wavering in a 14mph wind,

the little yellow crocus just couldn’t wait any longer and it blessed the world with its radiance.


Trying its best not to be outdone, purple crocus along the walkway struggle to open but are shaded by

the porch and a Japanese Maple, not open, but still beautiful in their expectancy.


Despite it’s inconsistency…, maybe because of it…

Spring has sprung !!!




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Random Thoughts   1 comment


The following are just some of the random thoughts of a madman, a disillusioned  soul living in this chaotic world, trying to understand why there is no reason, no logic, trying to find evidence of the love that was to have been promised to everyone at their birth, but is so hard to find in this modern world.



Take me in your arms and waltz me slowly ‘cross the floor

I want to feel the magic of the night

Hold me close…, tell me that you love me just once more

I’m happy and you always make it right



I miss you when you’re gone from me

And I spend the night alone

Waiting, patiently for the ecstasy

When, to me, you come back home



You are with me as I walk along the shore

Your tenderness touches me

And offers so much more

A glimpse of us beyond what I can see

A love to reach beyond eternity



The moon, a stranger in the far night sky

Stars, the eyes of unseen deities wink above

I sit and quest for the answer to why

I deserve the blessing of your love



One night, many years ago, I sat on an empty stretch of beach and contemplated this situation…….

Alone…, lonely…, why ?  In its finality, the answer was simple.  I was lonely and alone because it was what I had chosen to be.  There were people around me, and friends, but I had withdrawn from all of them into the shell of my emptiness, becoming comfortable in my self-inflicted misery.  The light of companionship and convivial friendship was extinguished and I was alone in the dark…, or so I thought.

In the quiet hours I started to read, not just any books, but classical literature, and without thinking, had started to listen to th classical music of Beethoven, Handel, Rimsky-Korsikoff, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, and a few others…, and life was tolerable.  Somewhere amidst this I wondered what it would be like to dance to these classics and searched for someone who would teach me.  After several lessons with a very apt and tolerant teacher, I was thinking that maybe I didn’t want to be buried in my self-created morass of lonliness anymore.

The rest of the story has a moderately happy ending.  This dance instructor taught me two dances, the waltz, and the rhumba, and taught them to me so completely that she had asked me to dance with her in local ballroom competitions, in which we did very well.  In the end, I found myself reaching out to new…, and to old friends and starting to live again.

Moral of the story is that in those times when life hits you so hard that you end up flat on your back, you have to find whatever tools and courage you can to get back on your feet and go on.  Any other option is just too ugly to consider.





Good Night Everybody !





Springtime   3 comments



Harsh wind shook the creaky door and driven rain pelted and rattled blurried windowpanes. Dirty grey-brown snow grudgingly retreated from the sidewalk and driveway.  Then came a quiet, The darkness of the storm and wind abated and carried the rain with it. 

The dawn brightened crisp and clear with a brilliant, warm sun hearkening all to the arrival of a new day…, the first day of Spring !



It’s finally here.  The birds are returning. The snow has melted. Early flowers are sprouting.  Winter is finally releasing her harsh grip on the land.  Spring is here !





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A New Muse   3 comments

//////ok////// ***** \\\\\\\\\\

 1st effort


The hour was late.  I was tired, but she pleaded with me and finally seduced me into an effort.  I pulled the brushes and tablet from the cabinet, loaded a pallet with paint, and began.  I hadn’t touched a brush for over 4 years, except to paint the walls in the house, and was dubious of the outcome.  After an hour or two I sat back….

Her only response was, “‘Hmmph !!!!  Ive seen you do worse !”


Well, so it begins.  Warmer weather will get here (sometime !!!) and I’ll be able to get some decent light on the sun porch…., maybe even be inspired to do something worthwhile !

Ok everybody, stop dawdling !!!

Get out there and have a great day !






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~ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ~   3 comments



Happiness and laughter for you every day
A warm summer sun to light your way
And a million dreams that all come true
Is my St. Patrick’s Day wish for you.



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A Bit More o’ Irish Fun   2 comments



To most people, St. Patrick is the man who brought a day of good times and green beer to pubs across the world. In reality, St. Patrick wasn’t made a saint until centuries after his death and he wasn’t even Irish. St. Patrick was born in Britain to a wealthy family. During his childhood, he was kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland. During his years in slavery he converted to Christianity and once freed he did spend the rest of his life teaching the Irish about the Christian religion, but he was soon forgotten after his death. It wasn’t until many years later that monks began telling the tale of St. Patrick forcing all the snakes out of Ireland. Something he never could have done as there never were any snakes in Ireland.



In Irish mythology, the Dagda was a high priest who had a large and beautiful harp. During a war, a rival tribe stole Dagda’s harp and took it to an abandoned castle. Dagda followed the tribe and called to the harp. The harp came to Dagda and he struck the chords. The harp let out the Music of Tears and everyone in the castle began to cry. Dagda struck the chords again and the harp played the Music of Mirth and all the warriors began to laugh. Then, Dagda struck the chords a final time and the harp let out the Music of Sleep. Everyone but Dagda fell into a deep sleep, allowing him to escape with his magical harp unharmed.


The Shamrock

The three green leaves of the Shamrock is more than the unofficial symbol of Ireland and one of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. The Shamrock has held meaning to most of Ireland’s historic cultures. The Druids believed the Shamrock was a sacred plant that could ward off evil. The Celtics believed the Shamrock had mystical properties due to the plant’s three heart-shaped leaves. The Celtics believed three was a sacred number. Some Christians also believed the Shamrock had special meaning- the three leaves representing the Holy Trinity.



The Tuatha de Danann, the people of the Goddess Danu, were one of the great ancient tribes of Ireland. The important manuscript ‘The Annals of the Four Masters’, records that they ruled Ireland from 1897 B.C. to 1700 B.C.

The arrival of the tribe in Ireland is the stuff of legend. They landed at the Connaught coastline and emerged from a great mist. It is speculated that they burned their boats to ensure that they settled down in their new land. The rulers of Ireland at the time were the Fir Bolg, led by Eochid son of Erc, who was, needless to say, unhappy about the new arrivals.

The Tuatha de Danann won the inevitable battle with the Fir Bolg but, out of respect for the manner in which they had fought, they allowed the Fir Bolg to remain in Connaught while the victors ruled the rest of Ireland.

The new rulers of Ireland were a civilised and cultured people. The new skills and traditions that they introduced into Ireland were held in high regard by the peoples they conquered. They had four great treasures (or talismans) that demonstrated their skills. The first was the ‘Stone of Fal’ which would scream when a true King of Ireland stood on it. It was later placed on the Hill of Tara, the seat of the High-Kings of Ireland. The second was the ‘Magic Sword of Nuadha’, which was capable of inflicting only mortal blows when used. The third was the ‘sling-shot of the Sun God Lugh’, famed for its accuracy when used. The final treasure was the ‘Cauldron of Daghda’ from which an endless supply of food issued.

The original leader of the Tuatha was Nuada but, having lost an arm in battle it was decreed that he could not rightly be king. That honour went to Breas, a tribesman of Fomorian descent. His seven year rule was not a happy one however, and he was ousted by his people who had become disenchanted with hunger and dissent. Nuada was installed as King, resplendent with his replacement arm made from silver.

Breas raised an army of Fomorians based in the Hebrides and they battled with Nuada at Moytura in County Sligo. The Tuatha again prevailed and the power of the Fomorians was broken forever. The victory had cost the Tuatha their King as Nuadha had died in the battle. A hero of the conflict named Lugh was instated as the new King of Ireland.

The grandsons of the next King, Daghda, ruled during the invasion by the mighty Melesians. The Tuatha de Danann were defeated and consigned to mythology. Legend has it that they were allowed to stay in Ireland, but only underground. Thus they became the bearers of the fairies of Ireland, consigned to the underworld where they became known as ‘Aes sidhe’ (the people of the mound – fairy mounds).

The Melieians used the name of one of the Tuatha de Danann gods, Eriu, as the name of their new kingdom. Eriu or Eire is still used in modern times as the name of Ireland.


Just a wee bit o’ Irish fun

Before th’ day’s officially begun

Cabbage ‘n’ good corned beef

Decorated with a shamrock’s leaf


Now, ’tis time for a glass o’ Guiness

Slainte !

…and G’nite to one ‘n’ all !

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