What treasures lie at the end of the rainbow?

If not the proverbial pot of gold, then what?

Not jewels, or silver, or gold, but dreams…

Dreams, and surely if you don’t chase them

They will never be yours.



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Fericita Ziua îndrăgostiţilor ** Všechno nejlepší k Valentýnovi ** Gelukkige Valentijnsdag ** Onnellisen Ystävänpäiväkortin Päivä ** La Saint-Valentin heureuse ** Glücklichen Valentinstag ** Boldog Valentin-napra ** San Valentino felice ** なバレンタインデー ** Glad Valentines Dag ** Dia dos Namorados feliz ** Día de los enamorados feliz **عيد حب سعيد ** Srećan Dan zaljubljenih ** วันของแฮปปี้วาเลนไทน์ ** Mutlu Sevgililer Gününde ** یﮦ ايجنسﯽ خوشی کے دن ** HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !!!


Since, it seems, I always seem to be late sending these I thought it best to do it while it’s on my mind.

Along with this greeting, I want to thank you, all of you, for your kindness, your friendship, and for sharing your time with me. It’s a kindness not forgotten.


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Heddal Stavekirke is Norway’s biggest Stave Church. It was built in the 12th/13th century and houses a cemetery for the nearby town.

Heddal Stavekirke is Norway’s largest Stave Church. It was built in the 12th/13th century.

This church is an even more intriguing place once one hears the legend of its origin. The story goes that five farmers from Heddal named Raud Rygi, Stebbe Strånd, Kjeik Sem, Grut Grene, and Vrang Stivi decided to join forces and build a church for the town.

Raud Rygi was chosen to oversee the construction work. As he stood at the chosen site, worrying if he was up to the task, Raud was approached by a stranger who offered to help. In fact, the stranger went on, he could build their church in just three days — but he demanded an unusual fee.

The conditions of payment were that Raud was to bring either the sun or the moon from the sky, or to guess the stranger’s name. And if he could do none of these, then the stranger would cut out Raud’s heart and take that in payment instead. Raud thought it would be easy to find out the man’s name so he accepted the challenge. After all, how could one man possibly build a church in three days, anyway?

However, on the first night the stranger managed to bring all the stone and timber that would be needed. By the end of the second night the frame was complete and poor Raud was getting worried about the deal he had struck. He was a man of his word, and it seemed that he surely would have to forfeit his life for the sake of the church.

On the third day Raud was no closer to finding out the stranger’s name so he walked the fields, thinking up every name he could.
When he reached the hill Svintråberget, he heard a song coming from a rocky knoll:

“Hush, hush, little child;
Tomorrow your father Finn will come;
With sun and moon or a Christian man’s heart;
As fun and games for my baby.”

The answer to the riddle was clear — the stranger was Finn Fagerlokk (or Finn Finehair) a mountain troll who lived inside Svintråberget.

The troll Finn Finehair is also the pivotal character in other Nordic legends, such as the building of Trondheim Cathedral, also in Norway, and Lund Cathedral in Sweden.

Regular services are still held at Heddal stave church, and tours are available at other times in either Norwegian or English. Café Olea, stationed in the vicarage barn, and an open-air museum can be found close by.

Good Night Everyone

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~~~++ A Very Merry Christmas to All *** Happy Holidays Everyone of You ++~~~   7 comments

 It’s been a  busy, but quiet year here at Casita en el Lago.  All ceilings and walls, windows and trim, have been painted.  New hardwood floors installed and new carpet laid in the den and bedrooms.  Overall, it  looks like a perfectly new house.  Springtime will bring the last of the major improvements. The drivewaHy needs to be leveled (by someone other than me), and a couple of interior walls will be partially removed to create a more open look.  After all this is attended to, I will rest.

 As is my tradition, I am sending a Holiday card to all, hopefully it contains wishes for happiness in your own languages.  

As for me, I send everyone my wishes for a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season with your families and friends and wish for blessings for all of you.

Thank you for gifting me with your interest, time, and friendship. My best to all.

Peace and Joy, and Happiness to everyone

And my love to ALL !!!

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<<<<<<<<<< ❄ >>>>>>>>>

I am in another place tonight.

My heart is with a beautiful young woman.

We are on the verandah of the Buena Vista Hotel.

A soft Gulf  breeze playfully lifts a strand of her hair across her face.

I am holding her in my arms as we dance to a soft slow waltz.

Her smile touches my heart,

And suddenly the music stops!

She is gone…….


57 years ago tonight

Gayle Marie 1943-1962

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~~~ Another Winter ~~~   1 comment

With snow and frost and bitter wind

She assaults the lands again

A blizzard’s wind her frigid breath 

As hard as ice, as cold as death.


The Snow Queen once again has come to rule the land for her annual visit. Some are happy for the snow…, well, not me.  For the rest of us it brings a season of cold, wind, snow, (all 4 letter words !)

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In a hidden valley, deep with snow

Where frozen blizzard wind did blow,

On a frosty, frigid morn

A sweet, wee, girl child was born.

Her mother lived in exile, poor

The wolf seemed always at the door.

They struggled each day, hoped to endure

But of success they were never sure


The older daughter worked as a maid

Tasks were many, but little paid

She carries on with head hung low

She has nowhere else to go 


Mother was ill but raised the child 

Who was beautiful, sweet, and mild

 While older daughter carried on

And worked, it seemed from dawn to dawn


( shhhh!…, the muse is asleep now, and the pen is dry)

Good Night Everybody

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