Dancing   1 comment

The golden harp lilts its soft melody

Joined by a sweet violin in its symphony

Feet gliding across the skies soft floor 

Hearts thinking only of forevermore 


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DREAMS   2 comments


I walk through a world of unrealized dreams ,

Many that can never come true, it seems,

Day starts with tears of a soft morning rain…..

Ending in the melancholy of a lonely refrain.








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G’day, or G’nite !   Leave a comment

Nothing  pops  into  my  head  to  write

So I’ll just stop here and  say  goodnight



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÷÷ The Storm ÷÷   3 comments


The night is quiet and calm with a whisper of a breeze

In the distance there’s a flicker of light along the horizon

Within moments the breeze has become a gale

The dark deepens and towering clouds roil the sky

Like the spawn of demons lashed by a hurricane wind

A kettle drum of thunder announces the approaching storm

Flashes of lightning explode in all directions

Illuminating the oncoming heavy rain

In it’s advance is wind blown hail, pounding all in its path

Closely followed by the torrential rain

Then, as swiftly as it had approached, it is gone

Leaving in its wake a detrius of fallen trees

Tangled limbs, shattered glass, and broken dreams.




Goodnight Everybody.

Be Safe, and

May your dreams be happy ones

** Politics **   3 comments


In all groups of creatures there seems to be a name for the group.  A group of geese is a gaggle, a group of cows is a herd, it’s a murder of crows, a flock of pigeons, and what would you call a group of baboons??? A CONGRESS, what else!!!

And that is my political statement for the evening !


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** EASTER GREETINGS **   2 comments

The  ceiling  over  the  main  altar at the  cathedral  at  the  University  of  Notre  Dame


Easter  greetings  to  all  of  my  dear  friends  in  the  WordPress  world  and beyond.  Blessings to  you  and  your  families.

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~~ In the Quiet Hours ~~   1 comment


In the quiet of the evening I look back over the years

Remembering all the glories, and the tears

Laying all the memories of soul and heart

Bare to the glaring light of the moonshadow.




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