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1953 Packard Caribbean


He’d spent the afternoon washing and waxing his car.  The interior had been vacuumed and the leather seats polished with saddle soap, the dashboard was polished and every piece of chrome on the car glistened like his grandmother’s silver service.  Everything had to look just right for today.

This would be the third time they’d seen each other and the first two had seemed so promising and had been so much fun, despite the circumstances of their first encounter.  Their first real date had been pizza and a movie, followed by a couple of hours of quiet conversation, parked at a scenic overlook watching planes depart and land with the city lights in the background.  Contrary to the sophomoric behavior of their friends, they’d eschewed necking and such, both wanting to know more about each other before getting involved any farther.  Tomorrow had been her idea, a picnic at the park.  They needed to talk about it in order to figure out the details though.

She’d finished the family laundry and cleaned up the house, thoughts running through her mind all the while.  He’s a really nice guy…, much nicer than others I’ve been out with.  I hope he likes me as much as I think I like him.  With that, she picked up the phone.

He had been sitting at the kitchen table when the phone rang.  He snatched it up quickly before anyone else could grab it.

“Hi…, what’s up?”

“How did you know it was me?”

“I don’t know…, 7:30 on Friday evening and we’re going on a picnic tomorrow…, who else would it be?”

“Ok, I need to know who is going to bring what tomorrow.  I know you’ll be picking me up but what do I need to bring?”

“Food!  Just food.  I’ll take care of drinks and the rest that we’ll need, ok?”

“You can’t really talk, can you?  Parents or sister there, right”


“Ok.  See you tomorrow around noon, maybe a little early?”

“Ok, I can do a little early.”

He didn’t sleep well that night…, too excited.  He really liked her and wanted to make a good impression.  He tossed and turned, and was up with the sun.  There was the morning farm work to be done, and then he needed to gather some stuff into the car without a lot of notice or comment.

He had two blankets, one old one to put on the ground, and one nice one to spread over that one for them to sit on and eat.  He put two bottles of pepsi in the freezer to chill earlier and now took them out and wrapped them in a wet towel to keep them cool.  It was 11:a.m. but he was nearly ready now.  He chipped ice into a milk bucket and wrapped it in wet burlap.  This was for a surprise that he planned to pick up along the way.  He’d called the park earlier and arranged to rent a canoe.  He wanted to take her to one of the little islands in the park’s lake to make it a special time and so they could have some privacy and quiet.  Ok, all set, it was time to go.

She hadn’t a clue what to fix for food.  What did he like?  There wasn’t much in the house, as her brother was constantly gorging on anything that was edible in the kitchen.  Oh, well, just do your best with what ya got girl…, and hope for the best. She finished the sandwiches, wrapped them and put them in the bag with some potato chips.  It would have to do.

A little earlier than he’d planned, he stopped in front of her house and started up the walk.  She met him at the door and handed him the sack.  “You really don’t want to go in there.  My mother and brother are at war.”  He nodded, took her hand and led her out to the car and they were off.

“Wow!  Your car looks beautiful.  You didn’t do all this just for me, did you?”

“Well, it isn’t just every weekend I take a beautiful girl for a picnic in the park, you know.  I thought it should look at least clean for you.”

She smiled and slid over next to him. “I like that.  No one’s ever done something just for me.”

They didn’t talk much on the way, which wasn’t very far.  The park was only about six blocks from her house.  It was a great place though, and somewhere fun to just hang out and spend some time.  It had playground areas, pavilions and picnic areas, the lake and lagoon, and a public swimming area…, and a fairly large zoo which was always fun to visit.

It was quickly decided that they would eat first and then set out to enjoy the park.  She took the blankets and her bag, he the rest of the things they would need and he led her to the canoe concession where she gave him a puzzled look.  “No questions, at least right now.  It’s a surprise.”  With no further ado, he helped her into a bright red canoe, loaded their supplies, and pushed off.  There was no wind and the lake was completely calm as he paddled them across the lagoon and to the west end of the lake where he knew of a small island with two nice shade trees that was just big enough for two people to have a nice quiet picnic.  As they arrived and unloaded, she remarked…


“What’s in that bucket?”


They spread the blankets and he brought out two pillows and the cold pepsi as she unpacked napkins, sandwiches, and potato chips.

“What kind of sandwiches are we having?”

“It’s a surprise”, she smiled as she replied.


They decided to eat and then rest for a while.  Afterwards they would return the canoe and explore the park and the zoo.  She really liked zoos.

She handed him a sandwich and without even thinking, he took a large bite.  “Wow, what kind of sandwich is this?”  He held it up for a closer examination….”let’s see, peanut butter, mayo, cheese, and pickles (the bread ‘n’ butter kind).  Never would have thought to put all this together.”

“Sorry, it’s all I could find in the house to make any kind of sandwich.  You don’t like it…, do you?”

“Like it…, I think it’s great.  I just never thought of all this in a peanut butter sandwich.”

“Well, I guess my secret’s out now.  I love peanut butter…, and I make weird sandwiches.”

This began a discussion of peanut butter sandwiches that lasted through dinner.  When that died down he went to the bucket and drew out two chocolate malts and handed her one along with a spoon and a straw.  She looked up at him, surprised.

“How did you…..?”

“The bucket’s filled with ice and I picked them up just before I came for you.”

“You like malts?”  He nodded.  “So do I, Everyone usually gets milkshakes, but I like malts best.  They have a nice rich taste…, better than milkshakes.”

He cleared everything and put the leftovers back in the bag and dumped the ice from the bucket into the lake.  That done, he took a pillow and stretched out in the sun on the blanket.  She closely followed suit, laying beside him and taking his hand.  Both quickly dozed off in the warmth of the sun.  In about an hour he woke to see her lying beside him, smiling, and studying him.

“C’mon, sleepyhead, let’s go see the zoo and see what kind of monkey business we can get into.”

As he pulled her to her feet, she raised up on her tiptoes and kissed him, looked thoughtfully at him, and kissed him again. This time he returned the kiss, but gave her a questioning look.

“I’ve had such a wonderful time.  I like you a lot. This has been a perfectly wonderful day, like none I’ve ever had…, I’ll never forget it…, ever.  I don’t think I’ve been so happy for such a long time… “

“I’m glad.  I wanted it to be nice for you.  You know…, you’re so beautiful when you smile…, and happy just spills out all over you.”  With that, he put his arms around her and held her close. “I’m happy too….., now lets go monkey around at the zoo.”


They returned the canoe and took the blankets and leftovers to the car.  He reached into the bag and took out the last peanut butter, cheese, pickle, mayo sandwich and she smiled. “Addictive, aren’t they?”  He laughed and nodded, ” Yeah, they’re good.  Want half?”  She smiled and nodded and, with that, they headed for the zoo.


It really happened…, just that way !






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In a blossom filled garden she lay her sweet head
And dreamed of a lover whom she knew to be dead
Whose body lay buried in a faraway field
And to this saddest of thoughts her mind would not yield
For he was her hero, her sword and her shield
And her heart also lay in that faraway field
Her daughter and son, their eyes filled with tears
Would, too, bear this loss, all their upcoming years

widow 2 at arlington_thumb[5][1]

She opened her eyes, looking up at the stars,

cursing and raging at those who start wars







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My thoughts and prayers go out to each of you this day

For peace in your hearts

For peace in your homes

For peace in your cities

For peace in your countries

Reach deep inside and give yourself this gift of peace

tor yourselves, family, and everyone you love.






Lest we forget…….



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~ Conquering Finn McCool ~   4 comments


‘Tis but just a wee Irish ditty that came wanderin’ into me mind this day

and I thought I’d share to you just to see what you might say.

Now mind it be me own ideas you see in every thought and way

And now me mind’s run out o’ rhyme an’ I don’t know what to say !!!


Capture 1



Now in the land of Ireland lives a beautiful irish girl

Who lives to test the mind and will of every irish boy

To smile and flirt with them she world dance and whirL

To see all their frustrations. then with their minds she toys.


The one fine day, into her life, walked a boy named Finn McCool

Strong and straight, wise and bold, he was nobody’s fool.

She dazzled Finn with her bright green eyes, and favored him a smile

But fooled him not, this irish nymph, with her Hibernian guile.


With a mighty huff, he called her bluff and asked from her a kiss.

Naught could she say, nor could she do, her thoughts were all amiss.

In compromise Finn winked his eye and offered her a dance.

She bowed her head, then on his cheek, she bestowed on him a kiss.

Now mighty Finn stood to in awe, to be bested by this lass.

He’d, fearless, stood in time of war and the terrors of the land

And no one had so boldly faced him down

As when she offered him her hand.


They danced across the Emerald Isle, this irish lass and he.

Ere finally he learned her name and that was Aoife

And they lived to love a mighty love

In their kingdom by the sea,

The Mighty Finn and this Irish lass

by the name of Aoife.







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On a cloudy Thursday, with temps hovering around 27, wavering in a 14mph wind,

the little yellow crocus just couldn’t wait any longer and it blessed the world with its radiance.


Trying its best not to be outdone, purple crocus along the walkway struggle to open but are shaded by

the porch and a Japanese Maple, not open, but still beautiful in their expectancy.


Despite it’s inconsistency…, maybe because of it…

Spring has sprung !!!




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Random Thoughts   1 comment


The following are just some of the random thoughts of a madman, a disillusioned  soul living in this chaotic world, trying to understand why there is no reason, no logic, trying to find evidence of the love that was to have been promised to everyone at their birth, but is so hard to find in this modern world.



Take me in your arms and waltz me slowly ‘cross the floor

I want to feel the magic of the night

Hold me close…, tell me that you love me just once more

I’m happy and you always make it right



I miss you when you’re gone from me

And I spend the night alone

Waiting, patiently for the ecstasy

When, to me, you come back home



You are with me as I walk along the shore

Your tenderness touches me

And offers so much more

A glimpse of us beyond what I can see

A love to reach beyond eternity



The moon, a stranger in the far night sky

Stars, the eyes of unseen deities wink above

I sit and quest for the answer to why

I deserve the blessing of your love



One night, many years ago, I sat on an empty stretch of beach and contemplated this situation…….

Alone…, lonely…, why ?  In its finality, the answer was simple.  I was lonely and alone because it was what I had chosen to be.  There were people around me, and friends, but I had withdrawn from all of them into the shell of my emptiness, becoming comfortable in my self-inflicted misery.  The light of companionship and convivial friendship was extinguished and I was alone in the dark…, or so I thought.

In the quiet hours I started to read, not just any books, but classical literature, and without thinking, had started to listen to th classical music of Beethoven, Handel, Rimsky-Korsikoff, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, and a few others…, and life was tolerable.  Somewhere amidst this I wondered what it would be like to dance to these classics and searched for someone who would teach me.  After several lessons with a very apt and tolerant teacher, I was thinking that maybe I didn’t want to be buried in my self-created morass of lonliness anymore.

The rest of the story has a moderately happy ending.  This dance instructor taught me two dances, the waltz, and the rhumba, and taught them to me so completely that she had asked me to dance with her in local ballroom competitions, in which we did very well.  In the end, I found myself reaching out to new…, and to old friends and starting to live again.

Moral of the story is that in those times when life hits you so hard that you end up flat on your back, you have to find whatever tools and courage you can to get back on your feet and go on.  Any other option is just too ugly to consider.





Good Night Everybody !





Springtime   3 comments



Harsh wind shook the creaky door and driven rain pelted and rattled blurried windowpanes. Dirty grey-brown snow grudgingly retreated from the sidewalk and driveway.  Then came a quiet, The darkness of the storm and wind abated and carried the rain with it. 

The dawn brightened crisp and clear with a brilliant, warm sun hearkening all to the arrival of a new day…, the first day of Spring !



It’s finally here.  The birds are returning. The snow has melted. Early flowers are sprouting.  Winter is finally releasing her harsh grip on the land.  Spring is here !





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