Muse’s Pique

************ ********** The writer’s muse in me scoffed That’s it !  I’m taking the whole night off The doors to imagination shut New thoughts and ideas were put on the shelf. . Time to find a book to read to fill empty artistic need Or in my hand a brush to take Another muse to… Read More Muse’s Pique

Spring Rose

*************** Blessed by the moon Warmed by the sun And kissed by the misty rain In the blush of an early springtime A rose comes to bloom again ************** And we are once again blessed by her beauty ***** *** *


****************************************************** I was nominated for this award by the Cookie Monstah estwhile addressed as  You’ll thank yourself for visiting her blog.  It’s great…, and she’s pretty nice too!  Thanks for recognizing me with this honor, Cookie. The rules: 1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog. 2. Post… Read More Award

The Now

************** ************** Worry not the past The future may not come Live each moment as if your last Love until this life is done ************* Which way are you going ? ****** Now ? *** Or then ? *

The Words

Originally posted on CALLIOPE'S LYRE:
  The Words     I did not know the words I could tell she was crying though Someone was missing Someone wasn’t there Someone had left   There was an emptiness, in the emptiness It made her voice more potent The punctuating, wracking sobs Like commas, and semi…


Nothing fancy tonight…, no poetry, pictures, recipes, anecdotes, or jokes…, just observations.  I look at the world around me, around you, our world, folks, and what I see makes me very sad.  On every day, almost every hour, some new violence erupts somewhere.  Where does this all start?  I’m just asking the question, folks.  You’ll have… Read More Observations