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Muse’s Pique   3 comments




The writer’s muse in me scoffed

That’s it !  I’m taking the whole night off

The doors to imagination shut

New thoughts and ideas were put

on the shelf.


Time to find a book to read

to fill empty artistic need

Or in my hand a brush to take

Another muse to bring awake

in the night.


So now as in my artists heart’s

slow and steady beats do start

to lead into the painter’s light

I bid you all a fond good night.


ballerina 3 pencil sketch

When someone closes the door …, open the window !!!






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Spring Rose   3 comments



Blessed by the moon
Warmed by the sun
And kissed by the misty rain
In the blush of an early springtime
A rose comes to bloom again



And we are once again

blessed by her beauty




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Award   9 comments



I was nominated for this award by the Cookie Monstah estwhile addressed as  You’ll thank yourself for visiting her blog.  It’s great…, and she’s pretty nice too!  Thanks for recognizing me with this honor, Cookie.

The rules:

1. Thank the Liebster Blog presenter who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.

3. Nominate  blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen.

4. Display the Liebster Award logo.


About me:

1. I build furniture…, and dreams

2. Cooking is a passion with me.  A good and tasty meal is a work of art that is good on the palate. (pun intended)

3. I’m an amateur artist (really amateur), mostly watercolors, started in oils years ago.

4. I live with a camera in my pocket…, right next to my cell phone which is turned on only when I need to make a call.

5. Love nature, in all its environments…, the seashore, the mountains, rivers, lakes, streams (note the water theme), and woodlands.

6. A born fisherman…, any kind of fishing…, freshwater, salt water, flyrods, spinning rods, natural bait, artificials, any kind of fish.  Keep only what you will eat and give the rest back to the water.

7. Writing has become a real outlet for…, almost everything for me.  It lets me express feelings on so many topics, personal, public, political, and even abstract at times.  Finding this writing community has been such a gift…, a gift that keeps giving back to me and inspiring me to keep on.

8. I like to wander along a quiet beach at sunset and lose myself in the rythm of the surf and the seeming eternity of the horizon.  I find peace there.  Don’t live near the water anymore and I miss it a lot.

9. I like to tell stories.  Been known to spin a tall tale or two now and then.  Fish stories are easy.  It’s the ones about people that are more difficult, but satisfying.

10. I’m a dreamer…, sometimes perfectly content to lose myself in the unreality of a dream or an imagined life.  It’s an easy escape from the everyday humdrum.

11.  In reality, I’m a realist who knows hopes, dreams, real life, and the difference between them.  I like to believe in good and bad, but with the realization that there is often a very blurred space between them in our modern world.


OK, folks, that’s more about me than I’ve shared with most people in a long time.


And the nominees for the award are…….  She is the Light  Paints pictures with words  Pictures are her words, and they’re beautiful Another artist with the camera A fun and funny lady who has great online parties Beautiful poetry with wonderful pictures  A true wordsmith, a poetess


Congratulations to all.  Each of you add so much to this writing community and deserve thanks and recognition for your wonderful efforts.

Thanks again to Cookie for honoring me with this recognition.  Cookie, you’re great!





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The Now   3 comments




Worry not the past
The future may not come
Live each moment as if your last
Love until this life is done


Which way are you going ?


Now ?


Or then ?


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Invitation   8 comments



Would you come up on the porch
And visit for a while
Take my hand and sit a spell
And favor me a smile

Sunset Porch swing picture[1]

Share some peaceful time with me

Until the evening’s o’er

And you find it’s time to go

and leave me by the door.


Then you can take your leave
 slowly walk out to the gate
 Turn and wave a sweet farewell
I’ll just sit here and wait


Til you return again.




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Love of the Water   6 comments



The Wabash River near my boyhood home

When I was a young boy I was awestruck by the river.  It looked so wide, so powerful, and so mysterious.  At first there was a twinge of fear whenever I was near it, afraid it would draw me into its mighty current and carry me away to…I didn’t know where.  After a time though, I started to like the idea of its deep, dark, magnificent power.  It yielded to no one or nothing, either at low ebb or floodtide.

As I grew, I began to see the river as my friend, fishing from its banks and enjoying the bounty that it offered to those learned or patient enough to reap its rewards.  I explored its sandbars and gravel bars, savoring the gleaming rounded stones that I saw as treasures to be hoarded in my secret vaults.  I enjoyed the music of the water as it rippled over stones and submerged branches, this the only interruption to the quiet peace of its environment.


Freshwater Mussels

I shared this love of the river with an uncle who became my mentor on the river and its myriad inhabitants.  He taught me of all the fish, and what bait they would accept as food, of the mussels and how their shells, for years, had been harvested to make buttons for shirts, blouses, and even for inexpensive jewelry.  I learned how to trap the wily muskrat and prepare its hide for sale to a furrier.  This wise old man then walked with me along the riverbanks, showing me the wildlife available to see, appreciate, and even harvest for food.  Vegetables such as cattails, wild onions, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, and other sources of food that nature provided.  Wildlife was as plentiful as the flora, squirrels of several varieties, cottontail rabbits, ducks, geese, sometimes even a deer or a wild turkey appeared along the banks, coming to the river to drink of its waters.  It was easy for me to see how primitive man could have lived so freely at the edge of this plentiful source of food.

he-deer[1]imagesCAGJAYK4wildRabbit-05W[1] article-new_ehow_images_a08_5k_ag_organic-squirrel-repellent-800x800[1]Mallard%20Ducks[1]

Some of the critters I knew well

Thus, through the years my love of the water, rivers especially, grew and deepened so that choices of a place to live were often made with the nearness of the water a major criteria.  My appreciation of water expanded to include lakes, streams, and eventually the ocean and the Gulf of  Mexico.

There is a special kind of magic involved with large bodies of water, especially when the vision of them includes the blueness of the sky, the glistening of the sun on the rippled surface, and the special times when, at sunset or sunrise, the water and sky are joined by the glorious colors of the sun against the water and attending sky.  Night time is another special event, with silver moons lifting themselves from darkened depths and sending their soft shimmering light forward across the placid surface that mirrors the jeweled stars that are spread across the blanket of the heavens.

great%20sunset_full[1]    _full_moon_over_water[1]

Sunset and Moonrise on the Gulf

Simple as it seems, water is one of the most beautiful and complex gifts given to humanity.  It is so shameful to see how it is desecrated with our waste.





Blossoms in the Rain   4 comments




Soft rain on the rooftop

I pause, and then stop

To look from the window

Out along the fence row

At a rainbow of flowers

Thirst slaked by spring showers.

The wind stills and clouds part

And open the eyes of my heart

To the beauty of my world.







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