~~~You’re Not Here~~~




The evening sky is clear and there lingers a faint pink purple afterglow of sunset. 
Crystalline snow is drifted just below the windowpane, glistening in the soft glow of
a pale yellow moon that is just above the horizon. 
A little time passes and, one by one they  appear in a darkening  twilight. 
It will be a starry night.  The comfortable room is softly lighted by
the flaming glow from the fireplace. 

Wine bottle standing on table before fireplace

A bottle of red wine breathes and warms on a table near the fire. 
The mood is right…, but you’re not here………..







5 thoughts on “~~~You’re Not Here~~~

  1. Such sad but beautiful words.
    I love when a man can express their heart in words.
    A man’s heart is a mysterious thing.
    until he opens it with words and lets us peek inside.
    Then it becomes a MASTERPIECE!

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