Sleep ‘n’ Dream

Just for tonight, let me sleep and dream in Ireland *************************************************************** The day, it’s now over And the partyin’s done Corned beef ‘n’ taters An’ th’ Guinness is gone ‘Tis time to sit back Wi’ the rest o’ me brew An’ say a good night Merry evenin’ t’ you ‘Twas a grand day, wasn’t it now… Read More Sleep ‘n’ Dream


~~ Na Feile Padraig!’ ~~

na Feile Padraig!’ A Happy St Patrick’s Day t’  Y’all !!! You can’t kiss an Irish girl unexpectedly. You can only kiss her sooner than she thought you would… *********************************************************************************************** …….now for a toast or two for the day, yerself, an’ perchance yer sweetheart…. I have known many, and liked not a few, but loved… Read More ~~ Na Feile Padraig!’ ~~

~~ Another Road ~~

  Another road to a higher place Living life at a different pace Reaching back to touch the past Important mem’ries, ones that last Then turning back to face the day Once again to find my way Looking for that high road….. ************* ****** *** GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY !!!