***************************** ************************ You know, some mistakes are just too much fun to make only once and life is just too short !!! *********************** ************ ***** ** * Good Night Everybody !


*********** ******************   Ipods, Ipads, Tablets, Laptops, Smart phones, XBox, Streaming Video……  Do we ever have any quiet time anymore, any peaceful moments when we can just stop and listen to the voice of our spirit, of our heart?  Work, TV, Recreation, family demands, parties, friends….  Do we ever take the time anymore to just… Read More Quiet

Dance With Me

*************** ********************** The ballroom is crowded, chandeliers burning bright The music played softly, sweetly, this magical night Hungry eyes meet ‘cross the crowded dance floor Two hearts beat faster as they both wish for more * Dance with me * With a smile and a sigh she comes into his arms He is more than enchanted by her beauteous… Read More Dance With Me