The living roses are now gone both of them. The world sings a more sad song without them. No more blossoms come to cheer and light the day. No sweet scent to guide the way at night. In their place two angels sing Peace to those who loved them bring. ********************** He sat in… Read More Roses


To all my wonderful friends… Happy Easter May the blessings of the day follow you wherever you are and wherever you go, for as long as you may live. Paul      

Under a Clear and Starry Sky (an unfinished song)

****************************************** Cooled by a playful summer breeze Eyes raised up to the stars Astounded by the twinkling light Even the planets, Venus…, Mars Show their faces in the night ************* The hour of midnight comes and goes  I sit here with a lonely heart Under a clear and starry sky ************ ************* Ursus Major, Orion, Diana… Read More Under a Clear and Starry Sky (an unfinished song)

Windows 8

New computers are the pits !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to transition from Vista to Win 8 is a real pain ! I’ll be getting back to everyone as soon as I figure this dXXX thing out. Paul