When Life Was Young

********************* This old worn out guitar won’t let me go near as far as that beautiful winking star In the moonlight it seems I’m forever tied to dreams held in balance, life’s extremes I find you in the morning light And in the starlight of the night With this I know that all is right  ******************************… Read More When Life Was Young

***************** I have sat in the light of a yellow moon with the sandman And my heart has been touched by the flames. In the early light of dawn when I arose I saw my faceless fate clothed in the sun. When I look at you,  the sunrise in your smile lights my day There was a… Read More

Stuff ‘n’ Things

*********************************************************** ****************************************      Well, it’s been a short summer, but a longer time than I’ve had time to call my own.  What with a few short 2 day trips here and there, and projects around the house & yard, and….., well I never would have believed that grandkids could take up so much of my… Read More Stuff ‘n’ Things