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Mother Nature’s Art   1 comment

Sunset at “Hovel du Paul” October 30, 2012





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Ashley Art   1 comment

…….   …………..

Poppy Blossom       ………………………………………………………………  Reflection in a Pond

Ashley’s latest artistic endeavors.

Isn’t she great?!?  This sweet young lady makes my

heart smile every time I hear from her.

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Home to Eire   3 comments

My soul is afire

to view and to roam

the green hills of Eire

land of my fathers

land of hearts home.

Down a winding trail

past fence made of stone

I find no travail

walking this path alone.

I seek a beginning

in this land so old,

walk the ways of ancestors

who were wise brave and bold.

Find trace of their glory

hold it close in my heart.,

Let my soul hear their story.

Let their song’s music start.



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Happiness   2 comments

Happiness is a hill full of flowers

In the brilliance of the morning sun

Right after the touch of soft spring showers.

Columbines, daisies, and Queen Anne’s Lace

All do their best to put a smile on your face.


Happiness is the laugh of a child

An innocent but mischievous, snickering grin

A young imagination run wild

As their glorious dreams of life begin.


Happiness a dream we wove

When two hearts began to blend

Into life encased in lasting love

For those who share it will never end.



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I Recall a Time   2 comments

I recall a time

when all the world was mine,

a time when the sun was

much more than just light

shining deep in my heart,

making everything bright.


Where has it gone,

this great source of light

leaving my days

with no rythm, no rhymes?

Too many sad times,

so much has been lost.

Yet now even the night

gives some hope of light

with stars and a moon

in the heavens glisten bright.

Tears are as many as memories I save

memories so sweet I’ll take to my grave.



Please do not confuse

these words as sad verse.

For to deny those were loved

would be the greatest of crime (and)

I can only pray it will never be mine.


I live in the shadows of many who cared

who gave of themselves all that they dared.

In mem’ry of their love, these words I now write

and wish to you all…, be well…, and good night.


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Home   3 comments

Home,  not made of sticks and stones

Resides always inside these bones

No bricks, boards, shingles, hearth

But ever present within my heart.

Matters not where the spirit roams

If I live, it is at home.




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Previews of Comming Attractions   2 comments

Secretly, hidden in the side of a hill

She chants o’er a boiling cauldron

With a voice that’s evil and shrill

She evokes no warmth, not even a smile

Darkness abides around her for miles

 Into the cauldron she puts fear and fright

To be cast at us all on Halloween night

Will visit each neighborhood til the night ends

With ghosts, and goblins, and all of her friends




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