Things I’ve Learned

**************************************************************************** These are just a few of the things I’ve learned and gathered into my version of life’s “book of knowledge”.  **************************************************************************** Trust is not a gift and must be earned.  Love is a gift not to be spurned.  Trust carefully. Love deeply. Kiss slowly…, and mean it ! Give your heart, not just your… Read More Things I’ve Learned

To All My Friends

**************************** Thanks to each and every one of you who has patiently read and followed my poor attempts at writing, humor, and art, for your friendship, comraderie, and even for your criticism at times (you know who you are) for you have all helped me to grow as a person.  Bless you and your families… Read More To All My Friends

Men’s Rules

****************************************************************************************** ****************************************************** ************************* Received this from an old friend in Arizona today and, for the sake of, and in defense of all the guys out there, felt the need to pass it along.  This is not a commentary on male chauvinism but a response to “the rules” as we have always known them.  Someone had… Read More Men’s Rules