Celtic Angel

An angel so fair A sight to be seen Coal black hair And eyes of green A sweet Celtic goddess A beauty sublime Would only I guess That she would be mine And happy we are O’er here by the sea ‘neath moon and star To live dreams yet to be PJB

Carefree Hearts

Overhead in the night In the moonlit sky In formations and flights Bringing songs with their cries Wild geese made to roam Never happy with one home Reaching boundless skies above Cry of the wind is their real love. Wandering with carefree hearts… PJB


All the time, then never, Moments I will hold forever. A loss, a gain, A neverending pain. These few lines evoke memories sweet as any ever known. From deep within the heart to greet a love that was my own. It passed before me once before and lingered for a while then slipped through an… Read More Gone


A bit of hair, tied with string… Silver ring she used to wear… Scratched and fading photograph… Reminders… The scent of jasmine… Warm salt air… Sea breeze whispers in the palms… Reminders… House is gone…, land is bare… Nothing left at all to see That they ever lived, were there All that’s left… What’s in the… Read More Reminders