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~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~~   2 comments

As we open the Book of Years to 2018.., to a new page.., to a new chapter…




May all of your roads be downhill

May your blessings be as many as the stars in the heavens

May you always have enough

May your heart always be too full of love for troubles to enter, 

May your soul be too full of peace to harbor bitterness or hate

…And may the sun always shine on your dreams.


These are my wishes for you for this New Year…, and forever, my friends

May they all come true. 


Peace and Love



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When Life Was Young   3 comments


This old worn out guitar
won’t let me go near as far
as that beautiful winking star

In the moonlight it seems
I’m forever tied to dreams
held in balance, life’s extremes

I find you in the morning light
And in the starlight of the night
With this I know that all is right


Love and cherished memories 

are tied to happy reveries 

of the days when life was young




Good Night Everybody


~~ Good Night   4 comments


Veranda - Buena Vista - Biloxi


Sweet Dreams

Sleep doesn’t come as I close my eyes

I still see the moonlit starry skies

And hear the faint melody of the band inside

As we dance on the beautiful balcony outside

Another slow waltz, as we glide ‘cross the floor

And quietly slip away through the veranda’s back door

Was not in our mind to spend the night at a dance

When under the moonlight we dreamed of romance.







~ Christmas Card ~   6 comments


Merry Christmas all languages


To all of you…

May the celebration of the Christmas holiday, and the coming of a New Year

bring happiness, joy, love, and peace to you, your families, and your countries.

May your days be filled with sunshine

May your fondest dreams come true

Moon and stars to light your night

And your skies be ever blue.


Merry Christmas Everyone



Good Night !



~~ Who Am I ? ~~   6 comments



I am the music of my soul

With horns and harps and strings

I fill myself with joyful things


I am the artist of my dreams

I dip my brush into the moon

And paint the sky with stars

019-blue-heart-love-emotion[1]I am the love that’s in my heart

My always gift to you

That all who see and hear and love

Will find their dreams come true








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~~ A Mississippi Evening ~~   4 comments




Sitting out on the deck this evening and the feeling is so much the same as so many years ago, sitting out on the veranda watching the moonrise and the stars appear one-by-one in the night sky.  The day was miserably humid and hot as johnny cakes on the griddle but has cooled into just a warm, soft evening.  Lightning bugs are flashing their signals in the bushes along the edge of the back yard and there is just a caress of a gulf coast breeze……, just like a soft Mississippi evening so very long ago…….



Soft summer evening, just my love and I

Sittin’ on the back porch under a nighttime sky

Talkin’ ’bout yesterday ‘n’ dreams we had

Dreamin’ ’bout tomorrow ‘n’ feelin’ glad

Lookin’ into her eyes, she’s lookin’ at me

Hopin’ that she sees the love that I see




Good Night Everybody !


~~ Dreaming, Walking, Dancing….. ~~   1 comment


Random thoughts and ideas that come in the late night, the wee hours of the morning, or maybe while I’m out mowing the lawn…, usually never when there’s a pen and paper, or a computer handy.




In the stillness of night
In this soft quiet it seems
I let my heart take flight
To reach out, touch my dreams.


In the light of the early dawn
When the world starts to wake
I turn and you are gone
And, again, my heart breaks





Walk with me in the shadows of the moonlight
Come look with me at the beautiful star filled skies
Fill your soul with the magic of the night
Share with me the love I see in your eyes


Dance along the mountain peaks
Sail across the shinning deep blue sea
Smell the scent of a floral woodland breeze
No one else here, just you and me


Holding you close as we dance
A slow waltz ‘cross the crowded floor
Hearts reaching for romance
And hoping hard for so much more


Laying together across the big bed
Talking softly of dreams we’ve shared
Passionate feelings dance ’round in our heads
With a smile, then a touch, then a dare