~~ Halloween….., Looking Back ~~

For all the Halloween evenings spent at Gram’s house… ********************************************* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx She came into my life the day I was born Held me on that chill October morn She watched me grow, day by day Watching, teaching, guiding my way She did her best to fill my young mind With all the mystery and adventure… Read More ~~ Halloween….., Looking Back ~~

~ A Wee Bit o’ Lore from Himself

    An’ now, with the day only weeks away, wouldn’t ye know that himself would need tell the tale of its origin in that particular part o’ heaven on this earth.  Ah, ’twas Eire that birthed this madness, as only a good Irishman could….  ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Halloween: Where It All Began In Ireland, where Halloween originated,… Read More ~ A Wee Bit o’ Lore from Himself

~~ All Hallow’s Eve ~~

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ***************************************** It was a dark and stormy night.  Black and heavy clouds lumbered slowly across a dismal night time sky.  Lightning flooded the woods with light and slashed at defenseless trees.  Rain came in torrents, turning the earth into a quagmire.  The scarred and heavy door to the decaying manse creaked open a crack….… Read More ~~ All Hallow’s Eve ~~