~~~ 58 ~~~

Gayle Marie 1943 – 1962 **************** Fifty-eight years ago tonight…., the last time I held her in my arms. She was in a hospital bed, dying. “I’ll always be with you.  I’ll always love you, darlin’ ” were her last words to me as her eyes closed and,  with a sigh, she passed into a… Read More ~~~ 58 ~~~


~~ A Bit o’ the Irish ~~

And now, a bit of Irish wisdom….. When a man would be speakin’ to a woman he must be thoughtful enough to realize that anything that he says, about anything, can, and be used against him if he should in any manner displease, in any way, the above mentioned woman. ——— **** ——–

What treasures lie at the end of the rainbow? If not the proverbial pot of gold, then what? Not jewels, or silver, or gold, but dreams… Dreams, and surely if you don’t chase them They will never be yours.

~~~++ A Very Merry Christmas to All *** Happy Holidays Everyone of You ++~~~

 It’s been a  busy, but quiet year here at Casita en el Lago.  All ceilings and walls, windows and trim, have been painted.  New hardwood floors installed and new carpet laid in the den and bedrooms.  Overall, it  looks like a perfectly new house.  Springtime will bring the last of the major improvements. The drivewaHy needs… Read More ~~~++ A Very Merry Christmas to All *** Happy Holidays Everyone of You ++~~~


The  ceiling  over  the  main  altar at the  cathedral  at  the  University  of  Notre  Dame   Easter  greetings  to  all  of  my  dear  friends  in  the  WordPress  world  and beyond.  Blessings to  you  and  your  families.

55 Years and 6 Days

****************************************************** ************************************** Some of you may recognize this.  It’s an annual tradition of mine.  It’s to honor the memory of a time precious to me, and a brief part of my life shared with a beautiful young woman who chose to share her love with me. ********************* At the beginning of December Conversations turned to… Read More 55 Years and 6 Days

Stuff ‘n’ Things

*********************************************************** ****************************************      Well, it’s been a short summer, but a longer time than I’ve had time to call my own.  What with a few short 2 day trips here and there, and projects around the house & yard, and….., well I never would have believed that grandkids could take up so much of my… Read More Stuff ‘n’ Things

~ Night Dreams ~

******************************************************************************* ********************************************************** Tonight I am far away. I am in another time and space, holding a beautiful young girl in my arms and dancing to the melody of a soft, slow waltz.  She is smiling sweetly.  No words are spoken.  None need be as our hearts are so entwined that each knows instinctively what the… Read More ~ Night Dreams ~