Ruthless North Wind

******************************************* ***************************** The drums of autumn are muffled by the blowing and drifting of snow The hapless trees made nude of leaves by bitter cold, ruthless north wind *** All creatures now scurry for all they can store for soon there’ll be snow on the ground, nothing more and it will be scoured as clean… Read More Ruthless North Wind

The PermaCloud

***************************************** ******************************* ********************** It’s been steadily creeping into the area for weeks now.  Stealthy, sneaky, like a thief in the dark.  Its dull, drab, dingy presence invades and clings to the very heavens.  There is little respite to it as it robs the skies of the sun, masks the sapphire blue, and leaves its droll grey… Read More The PermaCloud

~~ Footprints – A History Lesson

 ****************************************************** ************************************** “So you’re back again.  Have you decided on the property?  The clerk looked up and gave him a welcome smile. “Not just yet.”  He replied,  “Today I’m here to do some research on it though.  Do you have records back to when it was first platted and sold? “Not right here, but give… Read More ~~ Footprints – A History Lesson

Good Night

********************* Words don’t come to me tonight So I will lay the pen aside And sleep til early morning’s light Knowing failed…, but tried. ****************** GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY ! ******** **** ** * *

************************************************* Too much serious stuff going on…. I just felt like being Goofy again tonight !!! ********************************************************************* ********************************** ************* ***