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Trying to think of something witty…, or intelligent to write about tonight but, it seems, the muse has deserted me.  She’s been gone for quite some time now, as is evident from my lack of any new posts of any consequence at all.  It’s been a busy Spring and beginning of Summer, but that’s really not a good excuse…, or reason.  I just haven’t had the ambition to sit down and compose anything.  Started a couple of watercolors but they’re sitting on a table in the sunroom…, unfinished.



Seem to have come down with some type of malaise that keeps me in a rut of doing things that I have t0 do and avoiding things that I normally want to do.

Oh, well, real summertime is upon us and the warmth and sunshine will soon be driving me off to an old fishing hole, or maybe a museum…., or just maybe a spot in the shade with a good book…….., maybe !!!  Right now, writing just seems to much work.



Good Night Everybody !







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The night was calm and quiet

Except for an occasional cricket, or cicada

The evening sky was crystal clear

Venus stood high in the heavens

Peering at the sliver of a pale moon

Slowly bringing itself above the horizon

She seemed to smirk at the sliver of a crescent

As if to say…, “Is that all you’ve got ???

I smiled as I watched the other stars appear

One by one enjoying the celestial contest.

Needless to say, tonight was a beautiful night.




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To preclude any questions…..

Yes !  I did fall off the face of the earth for a while…,

at least it felt that way.  I don’t think I’ve had a more

busy Spring, and now the start of what appears to be

an even busier Summer.  Won’t go into the lurid details

but, suffice to say, I haven’t had much time for the things

I enjoy doing. 

Ya know, falling off the face of the earth isn’t bad, It’s the

nowheresville landing at the end of the fall that’s painful !!!


I think I may be approaching full recovery mode now,

unless someone else gets sick, some unforeseen event

happens to the house, or ………


June promises to be another wild time it seems.

Will have my brother-in-law with a friend here

for a week for a sports camp at Notre Dame, and

when they leave, grandkids will be here for a week

of Grandparents Camp while their parents are off

enjoying themselves.  Then, maybe, a period of peace

and quiet before the annual pilgrimage to New Jersey

to invade the homes of In-Laws and friends for a short

while.  Oh, my, I forgot, another trip to the east coast

for my spouse’s 55th HS reunion.  It never ends !!!!!


So, from the bottom of the pit where I fell, wishes for happiness to all

and a very big apology for being so out of touch for so long.  🙂




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