~ ~ Boredom ~ ~

********************************************** Trying to think of something witty…, or intelligent to write about tonight but, it seems, the muse has deserted me.  She’s been gone for quite some time now, as is evident from my lack of any new posts of any consequence at all.  It’s been a busy Spring and beginning of Summer, but that’s… Read More ~ ~ Boredom ~ ~


************************************************** The night was calm and quiet Except for an occasional cricket, or cicada The evening sky was crystal clear Venus stood high in the heavens Peering at the sliver of a pale moon Slowly bringing itself above the horizon She seemed to smirk at the sliver of a crescent As if to say…, “Is… Read More Tonight


********************************** ************************************************ To preclude any questions….. Yes !  I did fall off the face of the earth for a while…, at least it felt that way.  I don’t think I’ve had a more busy Spring, and now the start of what appears to be an even busier Summer.  Won’t go into the lurid details but,… Read More Nowheresville