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Feathered Friends   2 comments




A Great Blue Heron on the beach


A Brown Pelican on the pier


A storm of Sanderlings in the sand


One good Tern deserves 5 more


A siege of Sandpipers


A Great White Egret just being great


This is a sampling of my “beach buddies” during the trip.  I walked the beach every morning or along the edge of a mangrove swamp and there was always something going on in both locations.  There were more birds but I didn’t want to bore you with batches of birds .  Will post more of the trip as I get pics uploaded on the computer.


Would normally say I’m glad to be home but all that white stuff outside is NOT sand from the beach, and it’s nowhere near 75 degrees out there.  The good part is that I was greeted with rubs and kisses by the Lily Cat.


The watchwords for tonight are…







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A Fish Story   2 comments




A Remarkable Fish

By Ashley S.


This is my friend and fellow artist, Ashley, on her 16th birthday. Isn’t she beautiful?  She is one of the reasons I go to Florida every year on vacation.  This year, since it was her 16th birthday, it was a command that I attend, and I’d have it no other way.  Ash is a very special girl.  I have known her since she born and, through the most difficult and trying times, have watched her grow and couldn’t be more proud of her if she were my own daughter.  Her story follows…

 Ashley was born with a severe case of quadriplegic cerebral palsy and was not expected to live more than a few months.  She defied the odds, contradicting the predictions of all of her physicians and is now 16 years old.  From the beginning she has undergone myriad medical treatments, taken enough medications to sink the Titanic, and endured constant physical therapy from the time she was able to move her arms and legs.  Gradually, even with therapy, her physical condition has deteriorated and she can no longer stand, walk, bathe, or feed herself.  She still maintains very limited motor skills and, with some assistance, can paint.  She has a special computer that, with special software, she can communicate, play some games, take educational courses to help with her education.  She attends a public high school and, other than being bound to her wheelchair, is a normal girl…., strike the normal part.  She is a very bright young woman who is held prisoner inside of a body that will not function for her.  She reads and writes (with the help of the computer) and communicates on social networks with her friends. One of the saddest parts of this is that she can no longer speak.  The CP has taken that away from her now.  The miracle of it all is that she remains upbeat, smiling, and happy, (most of the time)….  She has her moments, but then, don’t we all.


We’re getting ready to paint.


The Red Headed Bird and the Purple Bull

The two paintings shown above are the result of approximately 3 hours of concerted effort for Ash.  Being with her and helping her with the thing she most loves was worth the trip !  She loves to paint, but (at this point) always needs help, and help isn’t always available.  Karen, Ashley’s mother, called after I left and she said that Ash had become very quiet and sad.  Later that night I got an email from Ash simply stating, “I love you.  Come back soon.”  Brought tears to my eyes.  As I said at the beginning…, she’s a very special girl….., but then I may be slightly prejudiced.


Good Night Everybody !!!





Parting   3 comments

Good night my beautiful  lady.  I must leave in the early morn tomorrow. To leave  you here makes me sad. I will miss our long walks and cconversations.

Must you go, my love? It seems  you have only  arrived and there is so much I would share with you?. I want to bring you close me and show you the wonder and beauty of my world.

My time, sadly is over and I must go back to those for whom I am responsible. Please try to not be sad. As I leave, a part of my heart stays here with you and I will hold the memory of these days always close.

The breeze whispered to him as spray from the surf brushed his face like a salty kiss. He slowly crossed the soft white sand, turning for a final look before getting into the car and departing.


Yes, the dream is coming to the end. I leave tomorrow morning to return to the frigid, snowy hinterlands of the Midwest. It’s been a grand vacation from the cold but now it’s time to go. I will miss the sun and its warmth…, and the beach, the water, the flowers, and friends.

See y’all in a couple of days!!!!




Still on the Road   4 comments


Sunshine, calm winds, temps in the 70s…., I’m thinking of running away from home and just living on the beach ! Leave all this??? For what??? Cold winds, temps in the 20s and 30s, snow…. !!! The only reason I’ll be going back is the cat. The Lily Cat called last night and is getting desperate. No one will give her any catnip or wet cat food. Oh, well…, I guess I’ll have to make the supreme sacrifice… Tuesday.
Til then……….. 🙂

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Voices   6 comments

The sea has a quiet mood this morning.  She speaks with a gentle whisper as the surf kisses the shorline and retreats. Morning clouds have parted and the surface of the water glistens in the light of the rising sun. As I reach the sand I hear the sea softly calling to me.  Her gentle whispering is seductive and she  urges me to come closer, come into her soothing, cool waters and be refreshed. My heart hears her call and I wade in, experiencing a feeling of homecoming.

After a long, relaxinng stroll in the surf, I turn to leave.the wind rises as the sea calls to me…, “come back to me…, come back to your home and stay”.  I turn to her and reply, “Be patient…  I will return soon to walk with you”.  The wind sighs and the sea continues to relentlessly wash the beach…..





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It’s for the Birds   2 comments


Just sittin’ here on the beach watchin’ the tide go out and the birds meander along the water’s edge at the end of the day.  It’s about 20 minutes to sunset and the color is starting  to gather along the horizon.  With a thin broken layer of whispy clouds, it promises to be another fiery sunset that will slowly diminish into a rose and purple haze as the twilight fades to dark.

Time passes slowly here in the deep south.  Laying back against a warm sand dune, I’m watching the closing of a long peaceful day.  The red-gold sun has touched the line of the horizon and the clouds are beginning to explode in shades of yellow, orange, red, and purple.  The sky is ablaze in warm colors, reflected richly on the calm surface of the bay.  Could there be anything more beautiful than this….., til tomorrow night ???

Peace and happiness to all of you.  I’ll be in loose touch sporadically until I get back from the trip.  Stay healthy and stay warm.



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