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Just another warm, soft evening on the beach, he thought. The sun was low in the sky and would be setting soon. There was no wind and the water’s surface was smooth, like the face of a mirror. He was enjoying the peace of the moment, quietly watching the big red ball sink slowly toward the line of the horizon.

“Spellbinding, isn’t it?”

He turned to find the source of that soft voice.

“I’ve been following you down the beach for a while. I wanted to see the sunset but I don’t like to walk alone out here. It’s my cowardly way of having a secret escort… sorry.”

She was just a whisper of a girl…, slender, blue eyes, jet black hair, wearing cut-off jeans and an old non-descript t-shirt, barefoot, as was he.

“How do you know I’m not some pervert or an axe murderer.”

“I checked to make sure you weren’t carrying an axe.”

“…and the other?”

“Well, I’m just rolling the dice on that one, but you’ve got a nice honest look about you.”

They both laughed and turned back to the sun that was starting to gather all its colors and cast them into the scattering of clouds along the horizon and overhead. There was a moment of complete magic as the sun dropped below the horizon and the sky erupted blazing, beautiful color.

“Well, the main feature appears to be over for the evening. Guess I’ll be heading back now.” He turned, “Walk you back if you want.”

“Want to wait for a minute or two? I like to watch the afterglow and the moonrise. There’s a bench over there where we could sit if you’d like.”

“Sure, Was just going back to the cottage to make dinner anyway.”

“You hungry? I know a great cafe just down the road if you don’t feel like cooking. They have a great shrimp basket and jambalaya just like back on the bayou.”

“Are you asking me for a date? I don’t even know your name!”

“Yep! …And the name’s Jill…, and yours is…?”

“Jack…, and it’s nice to meet you, Jill.”

She giggled,” Jack and Jill, …went up the hill to fetch a pail of water…, and we’ll just skip the rest. I don’t think either of us looks that clumsy!” He was laughing at the coincidence too.

He sat quietly reflecting on what had just happened. It was just supposed to be a nice quiet walk on the beach before dinner. How did it suddenly become a date with a pair of blue eyes, nestled above a cute turned-up nose? Don’t try to control life so much, he thought, just go with the flow for once and have a good time.

“Did I say something wrong?”, she asked quietly

“No”, he replied, “Sorry if I was being rude. I was just lost in a thought for a moment”.

The moon had started its ascent into the heavens, lighting a silvery path from its keep in the depths to the beach where they sat. Venus and the first stars had winked into view in the deepening sky as the last visages of pink faded into deep blue on the horizon. Hi sighed…, it was another moment of magic. Magic made even better as he could share it with someone.

“Thought you might like it,” she whispered,” now we can go off to the café and enjoy some great Cajun cookin’”.

“Sure,” he replied, “Happy to find that this little fairy tale I seem to have stepped into includes some food. I’m hungry!”

After dinner, Jill went to her car and back home. Jack walked back to his little cottage by the beach… 

Will they ever meet again?  Y’ never know…, there might be another fairy tale for them to share………






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~ 72 Hours ~   2 comments

In 72 hours I’ll be sitting in the purple chair !


I’ll be leaving Winter behind for about 2 weeks so I can thaw my weary, chilled bones

and be ready to welcome springtime (whenever it arrives) in the hinterland. 

See Y’all then.  (warning)  There will be pictures !!!

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A Dark and Rainy Night   1 comment

Image result for winter rain against the windows at night images

Steel gray sky

Chill pouring rain

Harsh winter wind

Beats against the windowpane

All the beginnings of

“a dark and rainy night…..”


But sitting by the fire with a warm snifter of good brandy has a way of changing one’s perspective…..


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Good Night Everyone !

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Dreamin’ Again   2 comments


Another winter of sitting here


Wishin’ I was here !!!


Well, all, in 3-4 weeks we’ll be makin’ that dream come true.., at least for a couple weeks !

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The Day After   Leave a comment


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‘Twas the day after New Years

And out on the deck

The thermometer must have broken

“Now what the heck???”

I picked up my trusty electronic phone

And there what I saw chilled me to the bone

And there what I saw what I couldn’t have seen

The thermometer read MINUS 15

The snow was piled high out there on the drive

And I thought this must be the most terrible dread

And, when I woke and found, I was really alive

I thought I might be better off dead

Closed the blind on the window and got back into bed

And pulled the covers up over my head

 Snow Queen, Frost Maiden, Old Man Winter, how did they dare

Visit my world with such outlandish nightmare


Ah yes, my friends, the “polar vortex”, “El Nino”, and “La Nina” have all gathered to party with us this winter…, and from the looks of things they intend to stay for a while.  Here at the southern tip of Lake Michigan we haven’t seen a temp even near 20 degrees (above, that is) for nearly 3 weeks, and snow nearly every day in amounts more than is being forecast.  To conclude this little New Years rant I leave you with only one little question…..

What ever happened to Global Warming ?????




~~ November ~~   3 comments



The room is dim.  Outdoors it is chill and damp. Steely gray clouds have eclipsed the light.

A seeming constant wind whips the trees, stripping them of their foliage until, at last, all

that is left is spectral limbs and branches.  Long since faded blossoms now drop from the

frozen and frost laden stems.  Now come the days of frigid rains, often spiced with a

mixture of sleet or snow, often both.  The sun and its warmth have retreated to a safe

haven in the south, not to return for months to come.  The sun will return infrequently

when threatened by nature’s wrath, but warmth refuses to accompany it.


Just think, folks, it’s not even winter yet and I’m already this depressed !!!!!




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I have sat in the light of a yellow moon with the sandman
And my heart has been touched by the flames.
In the early light of dawn when I arose
I saw my faceless fate clothed in the sun.
When I look at you,  the sunrise in your smile lights my day

There was a love story tied with ribbons
But there are still wishes I can’t answer
Only the heart, touched by the fire
And the deep eternal love still burning there
And never such words as these came from my imperfect hands
But from the soul of my being.


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