Angel in Blue Jeans

* ********************************* It was just another serene, calm day here on the gulf. I was tired and wanted to get away from just everything. I’d walked nearly a mile of glistening white sand beach to find some isolation and quiet at the end of an old pier. I leaned back against an ancient weathered dockpost, not… Read More Angel in Blue Jeans

~~The Eagle Cried

 ************************************************************** I read the following post from the blogsite of a friend and instantly felt that it needed to be shared.  As I read it, tears flowed pretty openly as a lot of buried emotions and memories surfaced again.  Mr. Turton’s poem brings to fore the hell of war and the agonies of those who are forced,… Read More ~~The Eagle Cried

~~ Good Night

************** In a crystal clear sky On a cold starry night A thin crescent moon  Gives naught of its light ‘Tis time for the promise Of dreams to keep To rest our weary heads And, at last, to sleep. ************************************ GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY ! ************ ****** *** *


********************************** ********************** I sit in the darkness there is no light Mind wanders, wonders What do I write about tonight News is only dismal…,  sad Little there to make my heart glad Little hope for change in sight So I think I’ll just say good night. …and hope for a better tomorrow. ********** ***** ***… Read More Tonight

~~~The Christmas Gift ~~~

**************************************** I know this isn’t the time for a Christmas story, but it’s time for a story that wouldn’t wait for Christmas. ************************************* The boy stood in the parlor, staring intently at the curio cabinet, occasionally walking to one side of it or the other, his attention tightly focused on the contents.  It was as… Read More ~~~The Christmas Gift ~~~