~~ June 10th ~~

********************************************************************** When I started this back on about June 8th it was only going to be a picture and a paragraph or two but as time passed and I was writing,  memories started coming back like echoes off a canyon wall.  So, now, here we are………, almost 3 weeks later and still writing. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ There… Read More ~~ June 10th ~~

~ Better ~

*************************** Her only response was, ‘Hmmph !!!!  Ive seen you do worse !” It was a sideways compliment, and a challenge, thrown by the youthful image of a mischievous imp who often drove me to distraction with her constant, consistent demand that I could do better.  Quite often I despised her carping attitude, but at the… Read More ~ Better ~