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~ Good Night ! ~   1 comment



Was a terribly long and wearing day

Was a lot more work than there was play

Now looking for somewhere to rest my head

My angel said, “Just go to bed

Then she faded from my sight

And now I think I’ll say good night !









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+ Sail wth Me +   4 comments


Born in a land that is known as “free”

A land not what it seems to be

A land few can appreciate

Because of prejudice and hate


Come away and sail with me

To a land beyond an ancient sea

A place beyond the bright sunrise

Into a place called paradise.


Running past islands both starboard and lee

Passing beautiful islands that do their part

In opening the journey’s mystery

That each will hold close to heart


Stop at one island and spend the time

To learn its verse and to know its rhyme

Then it’s on to another beach

To understand what it has to teach


Then up ahead, across the bow

A brilliant shoreline fills the eyes

The warm bright sun is setting now

Soft moonlight, stars rise in the skies


‘Tis on this shore that all will find

The means to ease and calm the mind

To find a happy world made of

The wondrous joy of peace and love.


Take the journey and find your peace


Good Night Everybody !












~ Simple Things ~   2 comments


A happy smile, a quiet conversation, walking in the park holding hands, a simple ride along backroads with no destination in mind, a handwritten letter, a stolen kiss in a crowded room…, simple things, for sure, but what has happened to them?  Have they become so “dated”, or maybe “old fashioned” that they are mundane in the everyday techno world we live in now?


We talk about communication, but instead of talking to each other, we email, text, tweet.  As for any type of intimate interaction, can you kiss on a smart phone, hold hands?  If we are going anywhere anymore it has to be to someplace, at a planned time, by the route on a GPS or smart phone.

In this complex world of multitasking with smart devices, phones, TV’s, computers,, what has happened to simplicity?  Technology, and the stupendous number of tasks and work of which it is capable, is, in all it’s… complexity, not as beautiful as a blade of grass, a leaf from a tree, or the blossom from a rose. 

Technology has so many wonderful uses, and has made life easier for most of us, but, with all its wonders, it simply can’t replace the beauty of a sunrise…, or sunset, the warmth of a smile, the tenderness of a kiss, the happiness in a child’s laugh, and so many more simple pleasant and beautiful things that are part of the real world we must touch every day.  It’s sad that these simpler things are less appreciated and often ignored for the offerings of a techno world.







~ The Rest of the Story ~   1 comment



Now for the rest of the story…..

Day 1 didn’t define the whole trip by any means.

There was a blustery wind the whole week, but

to put things into perspective, while there were

several days in the 60s and one in the 50s, it felt

wonderful compared to the teens and nighttime

single digits that were reported back home !


Dawn of day 2. Blue sky and SUNSHINE !!!

From there on it was a just a boring procession

of sunsets and beach fun, and as bad as it was,

I managed to suffer through all of it…, (really,

I caught a terrible cold on the 3rd day there.)

Warmer days and sunshine mitigates a lot of

misery though.  Actually it turned out to be quite

beneficial.  Hack! Cough! Sniffle! Sneeze!  That usually

cleared a table to sit, or at least a stool or two at the counter.

Gotta use the tools you have available, ya know !

20160108_180236  20160108_174304

20160108_174501  IMG_1163



Almost a week of beautiful days, nights, and, as per usual, the annual visit

with my sweetheart.  We managed another “masterpiece” painting.

Then it was, sadly, time to pack and start for the airport, and home,

and a return to real winter again.  We were greeted the night of our

arrival in Chicago with snow, wind, and a temp of only 6 deg.

Oh, well, it’ll be over in a few months…., won’t it ?????



Now, it’s time to settle back with a good book

and my faithful Lily cat at my feet !







~ Homecoming ~   2 comments


Silvery moonlight wrapped itself around everything

and covered every surface.  A bright, full moon smiled

down on everything below her and painted the world

in a subliminal peace.  Like playful pixies, stars shyly

peeked from behind their heavenly blanket, then more

boldly became the gemstones of the sky.  A soft breeze

played a rhapsody in the palm fronds and the fragrance

of a thousand blossoms rose from all around.  The near

calm water at the moonlit beach shimmered like a beacon

welcoming me forward to where the sand met the surf.

Ah, finally, I was home !!!

A Run for the Sun – Day 1   3 comments



Went south attempting to escape some of the cold Midwestern winter for a few days

Was ok, but not as warm as was expected.


Arrived at the beachfront “condo” to gray skies, high winds, and an angry sea.

What ever happened to “sunny Florida” ???



Even the Pelicans were heading for cover and safe harbor.


The Egrets and Herons were hiding beneath the piers !


The Pelicans finally decided that there was safety in numbers.

Latecomers had to shield the “early birds” from the wind !


Finally, after about 5pm the clouds started to break and

give way to a weak sun…, but the wind kept driving the

tide forward relentlessly.


Around 5:30 the clouds finally decided to head east

and we were left with a weak, windy sunset.


So much for Day 1





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