~ 72 Hours ~

In 72 hours I’ll be sitting in the purple chair ! ********************* I’ll be leaving Winter behind for about 2 weeks so I can thaw my weary, chilled bones and be ready to welcome springtime (whenever it arrives) in the hinterland.  See Y’all then.  (warning)  There will be pictures !!!

A Dark and Rainy Night

Steel gray sky Chill pouring rain Harsh winter wind Beats against the windowpane All the beginnings of “a dark and rainy night…..” ……. But sitting by the fire with a warm snifter of good brandy has a way of changing one’s perspective….. ……………………..    Good Night Everyone !

Dreamin’ Again

*********************************** Another winter of sitting here ******and****** Wishin’ I was here !!! ****************************** Well, all, in 3-4 weeks we’ll be makin’ that dream come true.., at least for a couple weeks !

Wishes for You

Wishes ‘n’ a wee toast t’ lead all into the spirit o’ St. Valentine’s Day !   ***************** May you always have these blessings A soft breeze when it’s hot A warm fireside when it’s not And the comfort of love ‘n’ friendship always **************** ********** ***** **