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Touch Me   2 comments

Morning Mists


 In the stillness of the shadow

 In the quiet mists of the morning

 In the rainbow sparkle of the dew

And in the day that starts anew

I was there…


Touch me…

…with the softness of a feather

….with the sweet scent of mountain heather

 Look with me into the starlit sky above

Let me touch the wonder of your love.

Reach with me into the well of love we share

Hold close and both know that we care

Touch me



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Soft and Peaceful   1 comment

Soft and Peaceful

The Quiet of Evening

 Day has squandered its quotient of heat

Its energy finally spent

Time is come for its endless hustle

To now, at long last, relent…

To the quiet of evening

The soft hush of twilight

With the hint of a breeze

And a romantic, sweet tease

Welcomes the night…

With the softness of evening

‘Cross a dark velvet blanket

Spread the jewels of the night

In the vault of the heavens

Moon and stars shining bright…

In the quiet of evening.


The Price of Our Freedom   1 comment

As the celebration of our natonal freedom approaches
this 4th of  July, 2012,
Please take time to remember those
who paid the ultimate price to purchase
and maintain that freedom for us all.
Our military men and women who gave their all in answer to the call to arms. 
Arlington National Cemetary – The last home of heroes


 Rows and columns

To left and to right

Cross hill and meadow

Beyond our sight

They stand at attention

For they all heard the call

The sound of the bugle

The battle and all

They came and they fell

So the world might be free

Their gift to us all

Is a proud legacy

Now they stand at attention

Through bright day and dark night

Their souls rest with God

These soldiers in white.


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Too Many Miles   2 comments

Too Many Miles

I venture forth when shadows

Steal the evening’s light

Wandering darkened pathways

Through the blackened night

I passed by your window

Gazed on you asleep

Continued on my journey

Into the long night’s deep

Had I stopped

would want to stay

But too many miles

Before light of day….PJB

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Sea Nymph   1 comment

Sea Nymph

I came to the water

The shining blue sea

And there a bright nymph

Was waiting for me

She sang a sweet song

She laughed and smiled

And before very long

I was completely beguiled

On the shore near the water

She asked me to dance

And there at the sea

Dance became a romance

I was sad when she left me

My sweet nymph by the sea

Dreams of this maiden’s love

Were mine never to be

As years passed and

I was drawn to the land

Called away by another  life

But still remembered the sand

Now I stand on the beach

As the tide rolls to shore

In the soft gulf stream breezes

Hear her call me once more.

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My Own “Old Irish Toast”   3 comments


May you always have

the sun on your face

And a dry path to walk.

May the stars fill your eyes

And the moon light

The way to your door

May you know

Peace in your dreams

And love in your heart


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Tropical Night   5 comments

A Night at the Beach

The evening sun has set, a huge orange-red ball, sinking into the depths, leaving the sky in shades of rose, purple, and gray.  Silhouettes of palm trees, like silent sentries line the passage to the beach.  After a respectful transition, a full moon, like a large golden globe, lights a  silvery, shimmering path across the bay to a quiet shore.  The walkway is lined with hibiscus and a soft gulf breeze lifts the scent of  jasmine that is hidden in the shadows of the palms.  Myriad stars, are scattered like diamond dust across the vaults of the velvety blue-black carpet that is the sky tonight.  The only sounds are the muted rustle of palm fronds caressing each other in the playful breeze and the shushing of the tide as it reaches in to wash the shore and then retreats again.

Close you eyes….






Are you there yet?

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