Touch Me

*******  In the stillness of the shadow  In the quiet mists of the morning  In the rainbow sparkle of the dew And in the day that starts anew I was there… Touch me… …with the softness of a feather ….with the sweet scent of mountain heather  Look with me into the starlit sky above Let me… Read More Touch Me

Too Many Miles

Too Many Miles I venture forth when shadows Steal the evening’s light Wandering darkened pathways Through the blackened night I passed by your window Gazed on you asleep Continued on my journey Into the long night’s deep Had I stopped would want to stay But too many miles Before light of day….PJB

Greetings to All

A rose dropped into the water drifts southward in the current to a place of dreams and memories ************************************************* A Rose and Lace There’s always something here Holding you to me, Nothing I can touch or hear Nothing I can see. It comes from somewhere deep inside From where tender memories start Where feelings such as these… Read More Greetings to All