A Country Boy

*************** Part One The Boy Growing Up Country ************************************ He was the third of three children, but never the “baby of the family”.  His sister was daddy’s little girl, and his brother momma’s boy.  He was their “other child”.  His world:  a farm north of a small midwestern town.  It was small, as farms go,… Read More A Country Boy

The Light

***** ***** In the wondrous full moon’s light I start my journey into night Searching with my blinded sight Looking for what is wrong…, or right * A wondrous angel then appeared Stripping me of cares and fears Filling my heart with happy cheer But as I turned, she disappeared * But before she left… Read More The Light

At the End of the Day

**************** *************** In the dimming light, when the day is done And I slowly turn to face a setting sun To contemplate battles lost or won And deduce that the answer is…, none. ***** Really, it’s not about winning or losing, but how you played the game! ****** *** *


************************** ************************************** You have to experience life, embrace it, …and Live it in order to be really alive. Are you alive ??? **************** ******** *** *