******************************************* Harsh wind shook the creaky door and driven rain pelted and rattled blurried windowpanes. Dirty grey-brown snow grudgingly retreated from the sidewalk and driveway.  Then came a quiet, The darkness of the storm and wind abated and carried the rain with it.  The dawn brightened crisp and clear with a brilliant, warm sun hearkening all… Read More Springtime

A New Muse

//////ok////// ***** \\\\\\\\\\   ****************** The hour was late.  I was tired, but she pleaded with me and finally seduced me into an effort.  I pulled the brushes and tablet from the cabinet, loaded a pallet with paint, and began.  I hadn’t touched a brush for over 4 years, except to paint the walls in… Read More A New Muse

~ Rememberin’ The Days of Eire ~

*********************************************************** With the approach of St Patrick’s Day, ’tis fitting to reflect back on some of the old myths, legends, and history of the Emerald Isle that we call Ireland. *********************************************** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  A lot of the stories told dealt in the currency of magic – curses and charms.  Others are heroic tales.  Many feature fairies… Read More ~ Rememberin’ The Days of Eire ~

Well everybody…., it finally froze over !!!!!! (photo of a highway sign leading in to Hell, Michigan) ************* ***** **

An Experiment in Perceptions

***************************************************** ============================= _______________ Comment about the picture if you’d like, but what I’m most interested in hearing is, after looking closely at the image, what do you see in this picture? Will share my perceptions and more about the painting after I hear yours….. *********** Thanks, Paul === +