She Sleeps with the Angels

She was born on January 1, 2004 and came into my life on February, a little ball of silvery fluff with a gold mask. Her ears were sooo large as to be comical on such a tiny head.  She complained so loudly when the Pet Refuge center person put her in a cardboard carrier box… Read More She Sleeps with the Angels


~ Celebrate ! ~

  To my many friends all around the world, may this holiday season bring you all of your favorite wishes come true. My wish for all of you is for Happiness, Peace, and Love in the greatest measure possible. ****************************************   ******************************************************** ************************************ ************* *****

~~ Na Feile Padraig!’ ~~

na Feile Padraig!’ A Happy St Patrick’s Day t’  Y’all !!! You can’t kiss an Irish girl unexpectedly. You can only kiss her sooner than she thought you would… *********************************************************************************************** …….now for a toast or two for the day, yerself, an’ perchance yer sweetheart…. I have known many, and liked not a few, but loved… Read More ~~ Na Feile Padraig!’ ~~