Happy Holidays to All

         May the blessings of Christmas be with all of you this holiday season and throughout the rest of your lives.  My wishes for each of you are for peace in your soul…, and love in your heart. Merry Christmas !   Paul

A Christmas Card

*************************************** ************************ ********* To all of my friends from all over the world…,  Thank you for the blessing of your friendship.    If you don’t find greetings here in your own tongue, please know that it is in my heart.  I wish everyone a very safe, happy, and blessed holiday season wherever you are. ************ Paul  (PapaBear)… Read More A Christmas Card

Christmas Songs

******************************************** ******************************************** Christmas in Eire An old traditional Irish Christmas carol is “Curoo, Curoo,” or the Carol of the Birds. It is thought to date back to at least the 18th century. Full many a bird did wake and fly Curoo, curoo, curoo Full many a bird did wake and fly To the manger bed… Read More Christmas Songs

Traditions of Other Lands

(click on any pictures for a larger image) Christmas in Bethlehem Bethlehem consists of people of different Christian denominations – Catholics, Protestants, Greek  Orthodoxes, Ethiopians, Armenians and more.   While Roman  Catholics and Protestants celebrate  Christmas Day on December 25, Greek, Syrian and other Orthodox Christians  observe it on 6th January. For Armenian Christians, Christmas Day… Read More Traditions of Other Lands