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~~ In Dark Places ~~   5 comments



Brightness ends with the closing door

The dark carved door marked Nevermore.

It is in these caverns that is stored

The decorous vessels into which were poured

An ambergris was known as life.


Birth leads to the journey

To that far, shining shore

Searchers travel…, seek to find

The dark carved door marked nevermore

And what treasures lie behind


Not aware as they trekked along the way

That the treasure was the journey

That led them to this day.

To a place called








– The Moon and Stars   1 comment




She brings the moon to my window at night

And lights the stars in my evening sky






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Boston   1 comment




Just a little story I found in a magazine I was reading this week.  Thought y’all might enjoy it…..,

(well, if you’re from Boston, maybe not)  🙂


An explosion last week killed a wild-living navy boilerman and
he found himself in hell.


Being used to stoking fires and extremely
hot temperatures, he found hell actually quite comfortable.
When Satan went to check out the new arrival, he found him sitting
in his room smiling.

“You like this?” Satan asked.

“Yes, sir,” said the sailor, “this feels like a spring day to me.”

Not wanting the new guy to be too comfortable, Satan turned up the
heat a bit. When he went back the next day to see how his new
arrival was doing, the sailor was still happy; he hadn’t even
broken a sweat.

“I like this kind of weather,” he told Satan.

For the next few days, Satan turned up the heat more and more,
but each day the Sailor looked as comfortable as ever.
By Sunday, Satan decided to try something different. Rather than
turn up the heat even more, he turned it off and turned on the
air conditioning. Icicles formed in the sailor’s room! When he
checked on the guy, the room was icy and he was shivering, but
he had a grin from ear to ear, bigger than ever.

Satan was exasperated! “Why are YOU so happy?” he demanded from
the sailor. “It’s FREEZING in here!”


“Well, I’m from Boston,” said the sailor, “and evidently the
Red Sox just won the World Series!”


Good Night Everybody !




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~~ Good Night !   1 comment



Now the pen has been still for many nights

Dim the lights and lock the door

Heart’s tired, can write no more

To bed now, and dim the lights







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Memories of Another May   1 comment


May, ’twas the month we met
A moment I could never forget
‘Twas  magic happened that eve
 Came to my heart, would never leave
I celebrate the memories you gave
Stored safely in my heart to save
To recall ‘neath starlit sky above
Once again to know your love.


Sometimes I don’t understand
Why I can’t still hold your hand
But I can still feel your warm love
Wrapped tenderly around my heart.


~ SleepyHead ~   2 comments




Sleep is a stranger tonight.  I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, contemplating the age old question…

Why ?


The questions have no answers

The poem has no rhyme

The song has no music

There is no meaning in the words

The story has no ending…


There comes a time when thoughts are too ambiguous,

A time when words seem totally inept, either spoken or written.

Pictures and drawings are useless.

The mind seems an open book, but with blank pages.