~ The Night We Met ~

The Night We Met (From Her Perspective) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Why am I doing this…., again?  I never win any of these things.  All they want is “boobs”, and mine aren’t much to look at.  I think tonight will be the last.  I’ve wasted so much time on piano lessons, voice lessons, not to mention the expense. … Read More ~ The Night We Met ~


A Trip to the Zoo

  ************************************************************* Last weekend I took a trip to the zoo.  Not your usual zoo with giraffes, elephants, bears, and such, although this one had its share of cats.  In it there were Flying Tigers, Hellcats, Tomcats, Wildcats, and a few other interesting animals such as Mallards, Camels, Cobras, a Gypsy Moth, and a Warhawk.… Read More A Trip to the Zoo