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A house, for those many, may be called a home
But for some it’s only boards and some stone
They are the more lucky, for they, from the start
Know that home is the warmth that lives in the heart.









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~~ A Mississippi Evening ~~   4 comments




Sitting out on the deck this evening and the feeling is so much the same as so many years ago, sitting out on the veranda watching the moonrise and the stars appear one-by-one in the night sky.  The day was miserably humid and hot as johnny cakes on the griddle but has cooled into just a warm, soft evening.  Lightning bugs are flashing their signals in the bushes along the edge of the back yard and there is just a caress of a gulf coast breeze……, just like a soft Mississippi evening so very long ago…….



Soft summer evening, just my love and I

Sittin’ on the back porch under a nighttime sky

Talkin’ ’bout yesterday ‘n’ dreams we had

Dreamin’ ’bout tomorrow ‘n’ feelin’ glad

Lookin’ into her eyes, she’s lookin’ at me

Hopin’ that she sees the love that I see




Good Night Everybody !


* A Long Weekend *   4 comments


‘Twas a long weekend.  Drove over to Chicago Friday afternoon and did some shopping for a few specialty items that just aren’t available anywhere but “the city”.  Spent the evening at an outdoor concert at Grant Park.  The Chicago Symphony Orchestra was performing the “Rhenish Symphony”.  It was a soft “southern” night, mild, a bit humid but tolerable.  Saturday was lunch at Smoques, a little BBQ place that has the best bbq pork and brisket that I’ve ever had. That evening (the 4th) went to the fireworks in Evanston and they were great.  Had a wonderful time….


Sunday morning, after a very nice, tasty breakfast at O’Malley’s Pub ‘n’ Grille, I loaded the car and launched it back in the general direction of Indiana.  There is too much road construction going on and if you don’t know any of the alternative routes to take the trip can be a long one, especially on a holiday weekend.

Kind of a grueling day today.  Spent all morning and part of the afternoon cleaning carpets in the bedrooms and living room…, (and I hate moving furniture !!!!!!!).  With that finished, the lawn was looking overgrown with with all the rain we’ve had, so that was done and, well, that’s about how things have been around here for nearly a month now…., just one job after another !

Right now, tonight, I’m just too tired for any serious thoughts about writing, besides, the nib on the pen is broken and the ink bottle is empty.





There’s a little angel

Inside of my head

Who’s telling me sweetly

That I should just go to bed.








~~ Dance Party ~~   1 comment



Sometimes like a silky slow waltz with its precise rhythm and time

Sometimes an exotic jazz tune in it’s runs, and riffs, and no rhyme

An erotic salsa with a staccato beat

Or a sweet sexy rumba that shuffles our feet


Some move us rapidly, some move us slow

We move to their rhythm and somehow we know

That with all the variety of these dance steps above

Its a romantic two-step that oft leads us to love.

The journey seems endless as we travel along

Moving our step to the beat of its song






Yeah, I’m in a kind of funky mood tonight.  Been a long day and I’m a bit tired but not too tired to share a thought or two with y’all.  It’s my feeling that life’s like a big dance party and everyone just has to find their own rhythm and groove so that things will make some sense and seem worthwhile to us.  And, when it’s all over and the band’s packing up for the night, we just have to know that life will still be there tomorrow night, just a new crowd, dancing to a new band.


Keep on dancin’………

 Good Night Everybody !