~ Four Horsemen

****************************** When will it ever end ??? When will we ever begin to fear the four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Although some interpretations differ, in most accounts, the four riders are seen as symbolizing Conquest, War, Famine, and Death…, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. ********************************** We’re about to… Read More ~ Four Horsemen

~ Hummingbird ~

************************************************************~ ***************************************************** A portrait of a Hummingbird. I’ve always been fascinated by these aerobatic wonders who can travel at the speed of wings, stop, and hover in mid-air, fly in reverse, and turn on a dime.  As birds go, I think they’re sublime. This painting is for someone who especially likes Hummers.  You know who you are… Read More ~ Hummingbird ~

 ~ Legend of Poinsettia ~ (A legend from Mexico) Dr. Joel Poinsett, who was the first ambassador to Mexico, brought the bright red star-shaped flower to the United States. Hence, it was names as Poinsettia. It is also known as ‘Flame Leaf’ or ‘Flower of the Holy Night’. The legend related to this favorite Christmas… Read More