January 31, 2013 Just another day of lookin’ at this: ************************************************* And dreamin’ of this: ************************************************** Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I wanna go to bed, Had a little drink ’bout an hour ago And it went right to my head……!!! Peaceful sleep…, and pleasant dreams everybody ! **************** ********… Read More Freezin’


  Heart !  What image does that conjure?  Is it the essence of courage…, the source of love…, the organic physical part of our anatomy that sends oxygen through our circulatory system…, or just some kind of sweet valentine image.  Heart, the essence of courage, I believe comes from the premise that it is one of… Read More Heart


*************** It surrounds us all.  It’s colorless and odorless.  It has no particular form…, not solid, not liquid, not a gas.  It’s mostly invisible, except when it chooses to appear. It’s warm…, and sensitive…, and comfortable.. It can be felt, but not with your hands. It is a healer, beyond all medicine. It’s power is… Read More Mystery

Versatile Blogger Award

“Versatile Blogger Award” Lily at has kindly nominated me for this “Versatile Blogger Award A visit to her site is a must.  The imagery she presents in both word and pictures is wonderful.  She’s pretty nice too ! ********************************** This award entails linking back to my nominator when announcing this displaying the award certificate presenting… Read More Versatile Blogger Award