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With icy wand in frigid hand

The Snow Queen comes

To strike the land.


And the cold comes

On muffled drums

With white frozen flakes

To fill fields and lakes (with snow).


The Snow Queen is there

With frost in her hair

And all of her maidens

Burdened and laden


With snow


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** SUNSET AT MI CASITA   1 comment



Sunset last evening  wasn’t bold, or even extremely colorful but it was peaceful.  The soft hues of blue and pink reflected beautifully on the mirror calm surface of the lake.




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*** 2019 ***   1 comment


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~~~ A Christmas Card ~~~   1 comment

My Christmas wishes to all of my many friends out there, wherever you may be…

May you find warmth on a cold windy day

May snow only be as deep as the bottom of your shoes (except for you skiers/snowboarders)

May you, this season, celebrate with those you love

And may love for all you hold dear continue to grow in your hearts…, this holiday season and forevermore.

(and may troubles never find you at home).

Happy Holidays


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A New Sunset   1 comment

Sunset  at La Casita en al Lago last evening.

I have  no  words  to  describe  the  artistry of Mother  Nature .


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~~ The Silence of the Night ~~   1 comment

It’s a, soft, peaceful time.

Stars wink down from 

The magnificence of their heavens

I marvel at their beauty as 

I permit the shadows of evening

To wrap my mind in the quiet

And I am at peace with

The silence of the night.


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~~ Journey ~~   1 comment




While wandering through life’s maelstrom

I strayed from the pathway

On the journey I found different roads

and all led to different places

I heard strange voices and saw different faces…

and  somewhere in this eternity

I reached  out  and  touched the  face  of God.




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