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~~ The Frost Maiden Cometh ~~   7 comments



Out in a snowdrift

No palace she keeps

In the deep chill of the winter

The Frost Maiden sleeps.

Snow Princess Asleep

Her eyes are as blue

As the deep winter chill

Her touch is as ice

She bends all to its will.


She comes in late autumn

Turning everything brown

The winter’s the cold sun

Cannot warm the ground.


With frigid wind she defiles the land

Frozen rain and snow come from none but her hand

Desolation and bitterness are her cynical smile

And she leaves none to think other than she’ll be here a while



Stay warm, all.  The Polar Vortex is upon us !





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The Snow Witch   6 comments


Woke this morning at 6:00

The weather was still at its tricks

By the time it was 9:00

I was still feeling fine

Then I was so bold

As to open the door

And was hit by the cold (wind)

As snow blew ‘cross the floor.

I thought that by 2:00

It would finally be through

But the Snow Witch had other ideas



** * *** * **

* ** *

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Good Night !   1 comment


I’m tired and weary

And ready for bed.

Now where is that pillow

for my sleepy head?






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Dreaming   6 comments

Looking at this……


Dreaming of this….




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The Day After Christmas   6 comments




‘Twas the day after Christmas

And there on the sand

With his eight tiny reindeer

All lookin’ so grand


That jolly old elf

With a drink in his hand

Was stretched out on the beach

And gettin’ a tan.


There was no denyin’

He was havin’ some fun

After the whole night a flyin’

The year’s work was done.



See y’all next Christmas – S.C.

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A Christmas Wish   5 comments



My wish this Christmas is for PEACE to a torn and troubled world.





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Christmas Eve   6 comments

*To all of my friends at WordPress*

Merry Christmas all languages

Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, and Tuesday, Christmas Day most of my time will be occupied by

celebrating with family. observing time-honored traditions,

exchanging gifts, and attending services on Christmas Eve. 


I leave each and every one of you with the above wishes (hopefully in your

native languages) for the happiest of holiday seasons. 


May you find peace in your soul, and

may you find love enough to fill the rest of your lives.


Merry Chirstmas Everyone.





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