Update III

**************************** I almost hesitate to do this because it seems a little bit “cheesy” and self serving but some have asked and expressed interest…, so here goes: ****************************** 1. The kitchen is painted, has a new hardwood floor, and is waiting for baseboard and a ceiling fan, cabinets, appliances, and a granite countertop. 2. Hardwood… Read More Update III


****************************** Just a thought….. ****************************** ************************* …..and that’s the truth !!! ************* ****** *** *

A Country Boy

(A condensed portion of a chapter of a larger work in progress) ******************************* The Boy Growing Up Country He was born in the Midwest, the third of three children, but never the “baby of the family”.  His sister was daddy’s little girl, and his brother momma’s boy.  He was their “other child”.  His world:  a farm… Read More A Country Boy