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New Year   4 comments


May it be the very best for all of us !

I will be travelling, but thinking of all of you.

Celebrate !

Cheers…, and love to y’all !



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~ Headin’ South ~   2 comments

He’ll miss me while I’m gone, but I left a good supply of corn and peanuts for him…


(think of this to the tune of the Kingston Trio song “Tom Dooley”)

This time tomorrow…,

reckon’ where I’ll be….,

gettin’ started early…,

I’ll be south of Tennessee.


Cruisin’ in the southland…,

by evenin’ I should see…,

the city lights of Birmingham…

On my way to Longboat Key.

(A difficult decision)


Raise up my head and smile

Walkin’ there by the sea

Will be here for quite a while

The white sand beach and me.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge on I-75
No, we’re not staying here !!!!!
Will be living here for a month.
I may not want to go back north !
Really looking forward to evenings like this again !
So long snow !  Goodbye cold !  I’m takin’ a vacation from you for a while…

~~ ‘Twas the Day after Christmas…..   1 comment


Brought this one out of the archives for one more run
Just because I like it and it was a lot of fun !




Twas the day after Christmas

And there on the sand

With his eight tiny reindeer

All lookin’ so grand


That jolly old elf

With a drink in his hand

Was stretched out on the beach

And gettin’ a tan.


There was no denyin’

He was havin’ some fun

After the whole night a flyin’

The year’s work was done.


See y’all next ChristmasS.C.



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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays   1 comment




My wishes for you this holiday season are for hope.

Hope for a better time

to share a better life

in a better world.

Blue Merry Christmas Tree

May all of you enjoy the happiness of the holiday with your families and those you love.


Be safe if you are traveling…, and if you’re not.


My gift to you this Christmas is a prayer for your happiness…

a prayer that you will always enjoy the presence of love in your lives…

a prayer that all of us will have a joyous and healthy New Year.


I will be gone on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day my friends

so …..


…and Celebrate !!!!!





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~ Some Quiet Time ~   1 comment



Sometime during this holiday season, I am hoping that all of you will find some quiet time to reflect on events of this past year…, events in your home, in your community, and in the world.  While there have been some beautiful and wonderful things happening, at the same time, too many terrible and ugly scenarios are being played out, both at home and in the world at large…., too numerous to mention.  Then, please do something to help stop the bad.  Nothing is too small.  If everyone did just one small thing I feel that it would make a difference.  It has to start with us. 

~ The Smelly Christmas Tree ~   1 comment

(Re-published from a previous year.  Thought y’all might enjoy it again !)



 A Christmas Memory

Otherwise known as : The Smelly Christmas Tree

(Based on a true story – Yes, this really did happen…, just this way!)


 Eric’s apartment, Loomis St., Chicago.  It was bitterly cold out that night.  Eric had returned with a Christmas tree from one of the lots down the street and we all started to decorate it.  After about an hour Grandma noted that she could smell something peculiar whenever she was close to the tree………


Eric, Mom, Paul, Grandma, Greg & Flopsy (the bunny)


Christmas Eve about 15 years ago

A Christmas Memory


Twas the night before Christmas

And, oh, what a stink

Many were nauseous

Some bent over the sink.

The stockings were hung out the window to air

And later that night Eric’s shoes joined them there.

Flopsy looked for a clothes pin,

Her nose twitching like crazy

As the air around us

Was growing more hazy.

Mom and Paul were nestled all snug in their beds

White visions of limburger cheese danced in their heads.

With Nana, her kerchief covering her nose

And Greg seeking relief by smelling his toes.

When Eric arose and caused such a clatter

He said, “enough is enough, we’re ending this matter”

He sprang from the futon and got down on his knee

And took a final whiff of the putrid tree.

He dragged it through the door and down to the curb

Where he and Greg examined it “Eureka!!! A dogturd!”

At last the problem was solved

And all could breathe right

So Merry Christmas to all

And to all a good night !

(With aplogies to Clement C Moore)





(My apologies to all you dog lovers out there….., but it DID stink !!!!!)


Well…… ?   5 comments




He’s making a list,
And checking it twice
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice….








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