I walk through a world of unrealized dreams , Many that can never come true, it seems, Day starts with tears of a soft morning rain….. Ending in the melancholy of a lonely refrain.              

~~ September’s Song ~~

******************************************************************* *********************************************** ***************************** There’s a coolness  In the breeze As leaves shower From the trees. Days grow short and Nights grow long As Autumn sings  September’s Song. ***************************** **************


  The living roses are now gone both of them. The world sings a more sad song without them. No more blossoms come to cheer and light the day. No sweet scent to guide the way at night. In their place two angels sing Peace to those who loved them bring. ********************** He sat in… Read More Roses

~~~The Conversation~~~

********************************************************************************** ****************************************************** It’s a quiet winter evening.  He added a couple of logs to the sputtering embers in the fireplace and returned to the sofa.  He closes his eyes and listens….. ********************************************* Her:  The shadows of a song play softly in my heart, and in the sunset that is in my soul.  It sings in the… Read More ~~~The Conversation~~~

~More Footprints…~

******************************************************************** ******************************************************************* He rolled sleepily out of bed and trudged down the hallway to turn up the heat on the thermostat.  It was cold in the house.  It always was this time of morning, this time of year.  He turned the heat down every night, thinking to save on his utility bill.  Crawling lazily back into… Read More ~More Footprints…~