Know that ye can’t kiss an Irish lass by surprise, only just sooner than she thought ye might !  …and now ’til day be done, may yer day be filled wi’ Irish fun ! ******************************************************** Lá Shona Fhéile Pádraig go léir! Sláinte ag! ******************************* **************** *****    

Prelude to St. Patrick’s Day

************************************************************** *********************************************************** Many sites will tell you that the little trefoil known as the shamrock was once known as “seamróg“, pronounced “Seamroy”, meaning “little clover”. They also mention the fact that it is a very common clover that grows heartily in Ireland. Many agree that the ancient Druids honored it as a sacred plant. The… Read More Prelude to St. Patrick’s Day

Alive or Living

******************************************** **********************   Life Is a Near-Death Experience Every minute that you spend thinking about what’s wrong subtracts precious time from concentrating on what’s right and good about life and doing your best to experience it.  We die a little every day that we are alive. That’s the curse of mortality. Being alive and living are two… Read More Alive or Living