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~~ Musings at Midnight…..   4 comments



Just a soft summer night

near the end of July

Stars are out bright

and the moon is high…


Nightsong drifts in peacefully

with its soft gentle melody

bringing its gift of dreams…


In the softness of night time, let your heart drift to the magical world of your dreams

and rest there til you are wakened in the warm light of a new dawn…..


Good night…

Darkness, once again, brings its sweet peace to the night…

May your dreams be of silver bells and golden rings

Of the sun, and flowers, and such happy things…

Good night…


A kiss, a sigh, and a heart takes flight

Reaching for the moon that lights the night

Finding the stars in the soft velvet skies

Reflected in her beautiful eyes…


Good Night Everybody !


~~Butterflies ‘n’ Bumble-bees   7 comments



A little boy (5 years old), butterflies, bumble-bees, baseball, the beach, BBQ, bedtime stories, and just hangin’ out in the park.  Seems like almost everything begins with a “B” that we did !  This was my schedule for the past weekend. My grandson came to visit ( all by himself…, for the whole weekend !). It was a grand time and, to his parents surprise, he didn’t want to go home with them on Sunday night !


20111231_190131[1]           20140719_150936[1]           20140719_123745[1]         20140719_144215[1]

Reluctantly, I let them take him home 😦
We already have plans for the next trip!





~~At Odds~~   4 comments




The pencil’s broken The inkwell’s dry

I’m left to sit and wonder why

I search each day and try to find

But words don’t come to this tired mind

None and nothing comes it seems

But endless, worn, and weary dreams

Another night of broken sleep

There seems no thought that I may keep

So I leave you now on this tired night

And, again, reach out for the light

That once again will set me free

And unchain the spirit inside of me

To write…



Good Night Everybody






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~~As Time Passes~~   4 comments





in the little time we hold
we share emotions bright and bold
thoughts of care and love are told
through the years as we grow old






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Summertime   6 comments




A soft quiet night

And the warm air is still

Lightning bugs floatin’

Up there on the hill

No hint of a moon

Just stars in the sky

It’s a soft, sultry night

At the start of July


Boy and Girl





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~~Once~~   2 comments




Once I could reach the farthest star

And gather moonbeams in a jar


I walked out on the milky way

And troubles seemed so far away


The grand celestial night so deep

Was where I lay my head to sleep


Creeping age now steals it seems

My hopes and all my deepest dreams


Like phantoms, one by one they’re gone

Into the mist as time moves on


As we journey along our way

Be alert, lest you lose your way


Always try your best to stay

In the present time.., today


The past we knew is done

It sailed out with the setting sun


And when this day’s time is run

And a new day has begun

In  the bright light of it’s new sun


Smile, laugh, and celebrate this new chance to be alive.






Fridays by the Fountain   3 comments






4th of July *** Big Band, Jazz, Dixieland, and some Patriotic music by the Heidman Band at “Fridays by the Fountain”.

During the late Spring and Summer the Morris Civic Auditorium in South Bend presents live music by the fountain in

front f the auditorium from 10:30am til 3:30pm on every Friday.  Most of the bands are local talent, and are quite good,

(at least some of them), and once in a while a group from Chicago will show up.  If you get lucky they might even have a

good vocalist in the group.   It’s a great place to go and have lunch, listen to some good tunes, and while away a couple of

hours.  Best part is that it’s free (except for lunch).




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