~~Butterflies ‘n’ Bumble-bees

************************************************************************* ************************************************** A little boy (5 years old), butterflies, bumble-bees, baseball, the beach, BBQ, bedtime stories, and just hangin’ out in the park.  Seems like almost everything begins with a “B” that we did !  This was my schedule for the past weekend. My grandson came to visit ( all by himself…, for the whole… Read More ~~Butterflies ‘n’ Bumble-bees

~~At Odds~~

………….. …………….. The pencil’s broken The inkwell’s dry I’m left to sit and wonder why I search each day and try to find But words don’t come to this tired mind None and nothing comes it seems But endless, worn, and weary dreams Another night of broken sleep There seems no thought that I may… Read More ~~At Odds~~


********************************* ************************ A soft quiet night And the warm air is still Lightning bugs floatin’ Up there on the hill No hint of a moon Just stars in the sky It’s a soft, sultry night At the start of July ************************ ************* ***** ** *


********************************************* ****************************** Once I could reach the farthest star And gather moonbeams in a jar   I walked out on the milky way And troubles seemed so far away   The grand celestial night so deep Was where I lay my head to sleep   Creeping age now steals it seems My hopes and all… Read More ~~Once~~

Fridays by the Fountain

  ************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************** *************************************** 4th of July *** Big Band, Jazz, Dixieland, and some Patriotic music by the Heidman Band at “Fridays by the Fountain”. During the late Spring and Summer the Morris Civic Auditorium in South Bend presents live music by the fountain in front f the auditorium from 10:30am til 3:30pm on every… Read More Fridays by the Fountain

Good Night

This is a quote from a sign posted in a restaurant I visited recently: “CHILDREN LEFT UNATTENDED WILL IMMEDIATELY BE GIVEN AN EXPRESSO AND A FREE PUPPY”       GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY !!! *********** **** ** *

~~Tonight’s Menu~~

*************************************************** ******************************************** Stuffed Eggplant Parmesan with meat sauce This is one of my better Italian dishes, along with Pork or Veal Saltimboca.  Serve this with a small chef salad and a nice demi-sec wine and enjoy. ***************************************** *********************** ************ *** *