Who Said That ????

(Click on the pics to enlarge)

snw1  snw4

Wednesday (today) around 10 a.m.

snw2  snw3

Today at around 12: p.m.

Who said “Let It Snow ??????? 

Since noon we’ve had about another 8″ of new accumulation and the forecast is for heavy snow through

midnight tonight with about another 8-12″ of accumulation.  This is already more than we had in the entire

month of December last year !!!  Basta !  Enough ! Just looking at it though makes me wish I hadn’t sold

my X/C skis and equipment, (or the condo in Florida). 

OK, I’ve had my rant and I’ll stop complaining.  I have to go out and clear

the driveway now… Hmmph !  (mutter! mutter! mutter!). 

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