A Troubled Mind   13 comments





There’s nothing for the page tonight

Nothing I feel that I can write

Just a sadness that will not cease

Until  this world can come to peace.




Good Night Everybody !




Posted November 14, 2013 by PapaBear in Experiences, Personal, Poetry

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13 responses to “A Troubled Mind

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  1. Oh I must say… that exactly described how I felt almost all day on Tuesday past. Extremely well worded. 😀

  2. From a troubled mind to another..I’ll sit quietly with you while we wait for calm and quietude.

  3. This is probably my favorite yet Paul. So stark and moving. Bravo~

  4. Nice blog entry … ♥ …

    I wish you a peaceful evening and a great start to the weekend 🙂 love greetings from me to you …. Laura ♥

  5. when there is no peace to be found anywhere all around, you might be surprised to find, what a peace can hide inside. ❤

  6. Me too sweetness. May we somehow find a way to be a beacon of hope to this world in which there is no peace.

  7. Hope the sadness lifts.

  8. May your troubled thoughts drift away and be replaced with sweet dreams.

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