Vagabond Wanderer


With the forecast of daytime high temps in the 20s and windy, it’s time to reflect on the season…, or the transitions from season to season.  Summer seemed so short…, or maybe that was just how I felt.  Autumn was just a short few weeks transition from summer warm to winter cold.  Now it begins.  Mother Nature, I fear, is getting serious about the approaching winter and laying the foundations for a long, cold season.  One morning soon I expect to waken to a blanket of white on the ground and trees shrouded in white behind the house.  This is a scene, while beautiful, I never welcome and could wait for at least another month to view.


Cold winter rain holds me

In its icy wet embrace.

Offers  no mercy

Its tears run down my face.


A keening wind knifes through me

As I plod slowly down the road.

No help out there that I foresee

To ease this burden’s load.


A light, a door opens

And a hand beckons to me.


Dry and warmth that I can sense

Offered gently…, tenderly.


On a blanket near the fire I lay

As dawn ushers in a brand new day

At peace here I would want to stay

Knowing , should be on my way.


Cursed I am to wander long

Beyond the words of happy song

Wondering wanderer I belong

To wanderlust.



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