~ Solitude ~




Tonight I am alone…, not lonely, but just alone.  Sometimes it just feels good to sit in the half light of room with the soft glow of embers and a low flame in the fireplace and listen.  Listen to my thoughts and examine my feelings about them.  Listen to my heart and try to understand what it tells me.  Listen to other voices that visit me, mostly from the past, memories, both good and bad.  Need both of them or how would I know what was good…, or bad.  Sometimes the thoughts get muddles with the feelings of the heart and mixed up with memories.  It’s the quiet of solitude that lets me, helps me break these apart and put them in their proper perspectives.  Life can sometimes become too confusingly complex and the mind…, and body need time to wind down…, to relax…, to figure out what’s important, and what’s just life’s “white noise” and let the noise go.  Time in the solitude…, then sleep can become peaceful, and open itself to our dreams.




Good Night Everybody

…and Peaceful Dreams !



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