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When Life Was Young   3 comments


This old worn out guitar
won’t let me go near as far
as that beautiful winking star

In the moonlight it seems
I’m forever tied to dreams
held in balance, life’s extremes

I find you in the morning light
And in the starlight of the night
With this I know that all is right


Love and cherished memories 

are tied to happy reveries 

of the days when life was young




Good Night Everybody



~~~ December’s Angel ~~~   Leave a comment

Some of you may recognize this.  It’s an annual tradition of mine.  It’s to honor the memory

of a time precious to me, and a brief part of my life shared with a beautiful young woman

who chose to share her love with me.




At the beginning of December

Conversations turned to snow

It was always in her questions

Wherever we would go

I promised I would take her

So that finally she would know

But angels came to take her home

And she never saw the snow.


As the chill of winter settles on the land and brings gray clouds the horizon, memories of another December come to mind and I feel a presence, and I hear a soft whisper, “Don’t fret dearest.  I’ve been with you all this time, every day of every year…, and, yes darlin’, even in the snow”.  A quick caress and she is gone again. Christmas…., a time we were, sadly, never to be able to share with each other. 




In memory of Gayle Marie
12/10/1962 Heaven gained another angel…, and another star shone brightly in the night sky.



A Day for Giving Thanks   3 comments


A Time to Give Thanks

It comes to this day that, every year, we gather to celebrate the bounty in our lives.

For some that bounty is in a wealth of money, for some it is posessions, and other

tangible things.


For others, the wealth of their lives is counted in the love of their

families, the companionship of their friends, and in the hours of happiness

they share with those around them, and in precious, wonderful memories.

These are the true riches that will never fade with

time.  In this life I have had my share of these and

they are my treasures, riches for which I am most



I want to thank all of my friends for the companionship they offer, and all who give of their time

to read the sometimes crazy, obtuse, obscure, and amateur things that I write.









A Place Called Yesterday   8 comments



There is a place called yesterday

I passed it down the road

A place the heart can stop and play

And loose it’s heavy load


Memories live in this old place

And most find respite there

A friend, a sweet familiar face

Give sweetness to the air.


Best not linger there too long

What’s there is in the past

But like notes of an old favorite song

The soft melodies still last.






(Something I wrote a couple of years ago and felt it deserved another post)

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~~ There’s a Moon Out Tonight ~~   9 comments


There’s a moon out tonight

Fills my eyes with its light

And I’m here.



There are stars out tonight

Make the skies so bright

And you’re there.



The moon and stars light a sky so bright

There is joy and love on this eternal night

They’re together again.



He sat in a hooch in a distant land, cleaning and re-assembling his equipment.  It was quiet except for the occasional loud laugh or expletive from one of the others in the hooch.  He didn’t mind the noise so much because of the brotherhood he shared with them.  Conflict and combat creates bonds between people with whom they would not normally share, but here, in this humid, hot, dirty, jungle hell hole they were all brothers, looking out for and protecting each other, and sharing thoughts and feelings that they would normally hold inside as too private.

Memories of his recent past had been heavy on his mind for days now.  How could life be so unfair.  Their lives had only just begun, their plans and dreams all lay ahead of them…, til that December night.  It seemed as though his life had ended that night when she lay, dying, in his arms at the hospital.  Everything in this world that was most important to him was abruptly cut off when she closed her eyes that final time and that last raspy breath left her.  His beautiful wife, their unborn child, the sweet life and love that they’d shared…, gone with her last heartbeat.  He kept recounting all the moments of their time together from the night they met to those final moments, detailing each second, minute, hour, and day, committing them to memory so as not to lose any part of her.  Quite often, unbid tears would run down from his eyes and the others would just quietly give him space and privacy to mourn, all now knowing his story.  By morning he would be alright, alert and dependable as always.

The new day dawned, grey and wet.  They had orders to report to a new LZ to set up a mobile tower for helicopter traffic control.  He packed his gear and joined his crew walking out to the helipad and they discussed the upcoming job.

A shot rang out from the edge of the trees, about a hundred yards away…, a sniper.  He felt the impact as the bullet entered his left side and slumped to the ground as all strength left him.  There was a bright light in his eyes and through it he saw her walking to him, reaching to take his hand, “Come darlin’.  It’s time to go home now.”  Their hands entwined he rose and followed her into the light.  Then, looking back, he viewed the shell of a body that had served him for 19 years and saluted it with this final thought…, “Mission accomplished, I’m going home”.


For all the brothers (and sisters) who served and never made it back.  This is for you.



~ Solitude ~   4 comments




Tonight I am alone…, not lonely, but just alone.  Sometimes it just feels good to sit in the half light of room with the soft glow of embers and a low flame in the fireplace and listen.  Listen to my thoughts and examine my feelings about them.  Listen to my heart and try to understand what it tells me.  Listen to other voices that visit me, mostly from the past, memories, both good and bad.  Need both of them or how would I know what was good…, or bad.  Sometimes the thoughts get muddles with the feelings of the heart and mixed up with memories.  It’s the quiet of solitude that lets me, helps me break these apart and put them in their proper perspectives.  Life can sometimes become too confusingly complex and the mind…, and body need time to wind down…, to relax…, to figure out what’s important, and what’s just life’s “white noise” and let the noise go.  Time in the solitude…, then sleep can become peaceful, and open itself to our dreams.




Good Night Everybody

…and Peaceful Dreams !


Memories of Another May   1 comment


May, ’twas the month we met
A moment I could never forget
‘Twas  magic happened that eve
 Came to my heart, would never leave
I celebrate the memories you gave
Stored safely in my heart to save
To recall ‘neath starlit sky above
Once again to know your love.


Sometimes I don’t understand
Why I can’t still hold your hand
But I can still feel your warm love
Wrapped tenderly around my heart.