Angel in Blue Jeans



It was just another serene, calm day here on the gulf. I was tired and wanted to get away from just everything. I’d walked nearly a mile of glistening white sand beach to find some isolation and quiet at the end of an old pier. I leaned back against an ancient weathered dockpost, not too sure it would support me or not.  The water was smooth as far out as the eye could see.  There wasn’t even the ripple of a boat wake.  It was like a beautiful blue mirror, pocked by the reflection of the few scattered cumulus clouds off toward New Orleans.

Contemplating the scene, I hadn’t pictured this in my grand plans for my grand future.  The plan had been college…, grad school, maybe teaching at a small college and then getting a doctorate and teaching at a university.  For myriad unnamed reasons, the “grand plan” simply imploded upon itself and now I found myself here, sitting at the end of a pier, stupidly feeling sorry for myself and pondering what new plan could be developed from the ruins of the old.  Nothing instantly came to mind.  Oh, well, there’s always tomorrow…

After a brief bit of mourning I kissed the “grand plan” goodbye, closed my eyes and dozed.  Sleep came easily but after a time I heard footsteps crossing the closed hallways of my mind.  I raised my eyes to a vision of long black hair, sapphire blue eyes, a t-shirt, and cut-off jeans. Nothing was said as our eyes met, and nothing needed to be. Thoughts and feelings passed between us without words. She quietly sat next to me, smiling and dangling her legs off the end of the pier. I’d never seen her before, but felt like I’d known her all my life.

A breeze came up, lending a slight chill to the air and rippling the water as the tide slowly made its inward march on the beach. I stirred and woke. She was gone, like a memory in the mists, drifting on the breeze, but I felt at peace with my world. Was I dreaming or…….







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