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Heart ! 

What image does that conjure?  Is it the essence of courage…, the source of love…, the organic physical part of our anatomy that sends oxygen through our circulatory system…, or just some kind of sweet valentine image.  Heart, the essence of courage, I believe comes from the premise that it is one of the strongest muscles in our bodies.  Heart, the source of love, I think that comes from the idea that the heart is the center of our living being and neccesarily gives life and succor to the rest of our body.  Well, at this point, I think we’ve touched on the physical principals of the hearts functon to our anatomy.  Is that all though…???  Is there a sense of spirituality to this thing we term “heart”?  Is it from this spiritual quality that we draw emotions such as love…, or in the case of a “bad heart”, hate, dislike?

I believe that throughout history, the properties of the heart have been muddled with all kinds of confusing concepts and it’s given the heart a lot of credit…, and fault for being just simply more than it actually is – that strong muscle that physical part of our anatomy that maintains a supply of oxygen and nutrients for our body to sustain life.


Where did all of these “out of  place” concepts and attributes for the heart come from???  …….from us!!!  They come from our need to find a neat, convenient, little spot to file emotions, thoughts, and miscellaneous things that seem too complex or difficult for us to reason with.  Emotions, for instance, are choices we make, either conciously or by accident.  Love…, hate…, both are choices we make, for whatever reasons or excuses.  “His heart’s not in the right place”…, does that mean it’s in his stomach, or that he has chosen some different idea or path than the norm?  “He has such a good heart”…, does that mean that it’s physically superior as compared to average, or he is an agreeable and empathetic social person?  I know I’m rambling a bit but I’m trying to make you think about a few things tonight…, emotions, sources of them, where ideas and concepts originate, and words…, how we choose to use them to associate things to our lives.  …and to be a bit “punny”, I heartily welcome any comments or discussion. 



When we’re talking about choices, and emotions, aren’t we talking about things that come from our spiritual self, our soul, and not our heart ?






7 thoughts on “Heart

  1. Strangely and wonderfully even though decades after people started associating the heart with love and emotions, science has discovered that indeed around our heart and gut we actually have “brain” cells,

    Gut feelings are real, because our mind is also in our gut/heart.

    But I think you are right. It is the muscle in our human body that sustains all that we are. And all that we are allows us the opportunity to love and hate. To feel and disregard.

    Just thinking out loud my be beautiful friend.

    Love, Sheri

  2. All good questions…
    seems to me religion attributed spirituality to the heart. biblical references abound at any rate… Could it be that we simply lacked the vocabulary that came later whith psychology? And since the awakening to the self really went full bore prior to that, language was left to grasp for metaphors. To tell the truth, I love all those expressions that are shortcuts to the heart of the matter (heehee),

  3. Rambling, a bit, indeed, but, I think you got to the heart of the matter…. 🙂 Sorry, couldn’t resist…. Good thoughts, though, in spots, and a good springboard….

      1. Aye, my friend, they do indeed… though the flavor is often sour more than savory. Don’t know your preferences in literature, but if you like puns, you might enjoy the “Xanth” novels, written by Piers Anthony.. there are at least 10 of them, all filled with chapter after chapter of puns… and biting humor, all in a fantasy/mundane setting, that strangely enough, resembles Florida… Any who, I enjoyed the post, and look forward to reading more… Blessed Be….

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