The Gates of War   3 comments


Man in a Golden Helmet-Rembrandt

Man in a Golden Helmet – Rembrandt van Rijn


Wanderlust had led me far

Following that fated star

Leading to the gates of war

That Satan’s own had left ajar


And now I see on looking back

With wearied eyes and burdened back

A tired old man with nothing left

With mourning soul and heart bereft


How can this world not be ready for the

Quiet happiness and calm of peace?





Posted January 25, 2013 by PapaBear in Painting, Poetry, Prose

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3 responses to “The Gates of War

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  1. I wonder the same thing. Beautifully written and the image is so appropriate!

  2. Parents have been wondering that since …. forever.
    Beautifully expressed and great image.

  3. How disheartening – the man in the painting does have such a downcast look

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