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It surrounds us all.  It’s colorless and odorless. 

It has no particular form…, not solid, not liquid, not a gas. 

It’s mostly invisible, except when it chooses to appear.

It’s warm…, and sensitive…, and comfortable..

It can be felt, but not with your hands.

It is a healer, beyond all medicine.

It’s power is beyond any concept humanity has for it.


In it’s absence we are cold…, and lonely, sad, and forelorn.

Without it the world is brutally cruel.

When it is misused there is hurt and pain.


Any guesses about the mystery substance ?




The answer is LOVE.

It is all around us, but can only be seen when we show each other

its warmth, caring, and sensitivity.  It has the power to heal…, our bodies,

our minds, and our hearts…, but only if we accept it and embrace it.






6 responses to “Mystery

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  1. Beautiful post, and I answered the riddle… 😀
    Love is a precious gift. Sharing this with the kids tonight.

  2. I’m horrible at riddles and just skipped to the end – what a lovely post, Paul! If you post more mysteries I’ll actually try to solve them first!


  3. Ahhh I loved this… Made me have to go back to read again when I saw the answer and though… well, of course!

  4. Wise words indeed..

  5. Love indeed the most precious gift to humanity !

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