I have nothing to say

And I’ve said it.

Now you have nothing to read

And you’ve read it.

In the mood I’m in recently, it would be dangerous to expose y’all to the deep, dark side of my psyche and relate to the cause for my discontent. Suffice to say that there are a couple segments of the citizenry for whom I have little use, and we’ll leave at that. You’ll probably be able guess of whom I refer. Well, that’s about enough political innuendos for the moment.


It’s a crystal clear night

All the myriad stars add their light

With a pale yellow moon

As it rises this first week of June




Be safe and stay well


3 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I like your thoughts.. simple…direct…and I think if the world was more honest, everyone would be in a mood …
    I went to my grandsons graduation Saturday, well a sort of graduation. now that was a mood lols..though it came out good
    I had to write about it, just kind of flowed for once,

    oh well life goes on…. I hope you are Well…Safe…. and all the in between things for this time we live in

    Take Care…You Matter…

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