4 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. silence whispers through the trees
    storms gather to roam the countryside
    I hope you are well, wherever you may be
    in the silence, chaos seems to subside

    we’re having those storms that roam in Texas right now, though quiet for a few minutes
    perhaps to still….. storms always make me think of people that have become silent for too long 🙂

    Take Care…You Matter Paul

    1. All is reasonably well here, Mary, except for a few bouts of cabin fever. I fill the time with home improvement projects . Can’the seem to find my writing muse lately . Stay healthy and be safe. …..🌷

      1. 🙂 I understand the cabin fever…. I finished my greenhouse, so I have been planting and repotting, now the rains have come, so planting til the water subsides, not complaining, I will be very grateful come July 🙂 I am working on closets that hasn’t seen movement or de-cluttering since my mom moved here almost 20 years ago… these crazy times have meant simplifying simplifying
        🙂 You stay healthy and safe too 🙂
        Take Care…You Matter…

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